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4 Advertiser Listing Levels Planned for Web Presence Directory

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) October 02, 2011

Canada’s newest online business directory has announced its upcoming listing levels for local advertisers. is a location based online directory that can help a local business boost its web presence. A spokesperson for the directory revealed that four different advertiser levels are planned for business listings throughout Canada.

The first two levels will be free to any advertiser and the 3rd and 4th options will be paid levels with each level providing more value in terms features and benefits. The directory is presently accepting listings on a selective basis in advance of its official launch which is planned for some time in early 2012.

The first free level will feature unclaimed listings which only include basic, core information about an advertiser such as name, location and phone number. A listing may have an unclaimed status because the location content will be added through data sets that will be using to populate its site prior to launch.

The second level of listing will also be free with the distinction being that the listing needs to be verified by the advertiser. A business manager or owner will be able to claim their location by registering with the site. The benefit to the advertiser in claiming their listing is that they can ensure accuracy of their location information and they will also be entitled to more listing features including the opportunity to upload their logo and to include icons on their page that link to popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+.

The third and fourth levels of listing are paid levels which will offer an advertiser far more control over their business information and the settings of their page. The advertiser will be able to set on page factors that improve search engine optimization.

The third level of listing will include contiguous advertising on the page similar to the existing professional level of listings that are currently hosted by the site. The forth level of listing will give the advertiser the option to rent a page that is free of contiguous ads such as banner ads or competing contextualized text ads such as Google AdSense ads.

A fifth level of listing was also announced by the sites spokesperson, Wilf Barnes, who said that intends to be supportive of community causes by offering them free listings that are feature rich. “the intent of is to help promote local businesses and to support communities. Talking about web presence for non-profit organizations Barnes said We help local, not-for-profit groups cast a wider net so that their message, or their call to action, can be heard. Barnes is the sites Marketing Manager.

Pricing and a list of features was not released but according to Barnes there are several points of difference being developed to cater to a local advertiser with any size of marketing budget. The site also allows advertisers to feature deals, events and classified ads. The forth level of listing will include access to these additional services without extra cost.

About is a national Canadian directory that is in a state of beta release. The site is building out and testing new business categories and onsite functionality before it’s official launch which is projected to be sometime in early 2012. When the site officially launches, data sets of location based information from across Canada will be added to populate the directory. The directory will also feature a unique distribution model creating opportunity for local and regional resellers.

“LocalHood” is a LocalHood Marketing trade mark. For more information, go to Questions can be directed to (289) 752-7335 or toll free 1-888-975-9222 email: info(at)localhood(dot)ca.


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