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Adsense Is Reborn!

Adsense Is Reborn!

Adsense Reborn? Why do I state this? Well remember back to 2005, you could
throw up any old Adsense website and pretty much be guaranteed a GREAT Adsense
income? Well now with Vi 3, we are getting close to those good old Adsense days
🙂 not quite but close. In the past you only needed to find a site generator add
a bunch of any old keywords, get the site indexed and you were making money. The
search engines have grown and changed a lot, to get the same results these days
is possible though much more difficult, in terms of time needed to create sites
that perform the same, what used to take 15 mins including registration of
domain and creating a site that makes money can now take weeks of time to get
content for this site and to get site promoted correctly.

Adsense Publishers just love automation, to be able produce a lot of quality
websites in a short time. Thus there was a large industry of software developers
creating software products that did just this. After the major changes to the
search engines in August 2005, a lot of these products could not compete with
the search engines.

What is needed for Adsense websites to perform in the current search engine

Today the search engines love fresh content in the form or articles, and rank
websites according to the amount of relevant links pointing to the Adsense

Video is now the latest buzz word on the internet and can provide your
surfers with great content, as they say a picture says a 1000 words, Video with
moving pictures and audio is even better. Video helps to retain your videos
longer on your websites and provides them real content. So Today having relevant
videos on your Adsense websites is a must. Early last year, Adsense upped their
smart pricing model, which includes paying more to Adsense publishers who retain
their surfers longer on their websites, this indicates to the Adsense team that
this website must have value, if they surfers are staying on the website longer
and thus pay more income per click for ads on this website.

In the past Adsense publishers could enter a single keyword in the overture
search term suggestion tool provided free by overture, and collect all relevant
keywords to the main one entered, create a website based on these long tail
keywords and be successful in creating a website that will produce nice income
from Adsense. Now the market is much more competitive. So Adsense marketers need
to be much more diligent in the efforts are researching their niches, looking
for high search volume niches with lower competition in the search engines. So
the ability to do find these low competition, high search niches in an automated
fashion is very important.

As it became much more difficult for software generated websites to perform
well in the search engines, blogs became the popular choice for Adsense. Blogs
are essentially websites that can update with content frequently and have the
ability to picked up by other websites via their RSS feeds, thus providing links
from other interested websites. This helps these blogs to rank very well in
search engines. The two popular blogs used my Adsense marketers are blogger
blogs and WordPress blogs. Blogger blogs are supplied free by Google, these
blogs perform very well in the search engines, you also have the ability to host
these blogger blogs directly on your own domains, which helps your own domain
rank very well in the search engines. WordPress is also a free blogging platform
that people can download and install on their own domains. Both blogging
platforms are very flexible in terms of what users can do to make them unique
and change the style and look.

Early 2006, The Adsense marketers found the value in utilising Social
Bookmarking websites which can also provide backlinks and traffic to the Adsense
publishers websites. These Social Bookmarking websites generally have very
strong rankings in the search engines and provide strong backlinks to Adsense
websites. There are many large social bookmarking websites on the internet
available to choose from.

So if you are an Adsense marketer, and am looking for software to automate
your site creation, you will need a site generating package that can supply all
of the above to ensure your Adsense publishing success. Including automating,
the ability to find high search low competition niches, content in the form of
Articles, relevant Videos Content, auto submission of links to Social
Bookmarking websites and creating all of this in the format of a blog on your
own domains.

Adsense is now Reborn for those Adsense marketers who follow these steps

The Author Peter Drew from is the leader in Developing Automated Adsense Blogs. He is looking for people to help him test his new Adsense Reborn Automated product

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