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AdWords Community now available on your phone!

Ever wish you could reach out to other advertisers with just a click, even when you’re not behind your computer? We’ve got some good news for you – AdWords Community is now optimized for all web-enabled mobile devices!

Like PPCBossman and many other Community users, you can get AdWords Community mobile on your smartphone and stay connected anywhere and at any time:

  • Ask your AdWords questions as soon as they come to mind.
  • Post answers/articles and help other members.
  • Instantly browse any thread you want to re-visit.

Sign up is as easy as opening in your mobile browser (ensure you type in the www) with no additional applications. It auto-captures your mobile email (you can choose to use a different email) – simply choose your username and get started!

The simple interface with finger-friendly buttons lets you easily use all all the Community features just like on your desktop. One member theitiuk says this increases his accessibility to reach out to the Community at any time from anywhere. PPCBossman, who is a regular user, finds the functionality almost identical to the desktop version.

Try it out, bookmark it on your phone and let us know what you think by posting your comments and suggestions on the AdWords Community.

Posted by Rashmi Singh, Ad Policy Specialist

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