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Apple iPhone & iPad stats round up

I’ve gathered together some of the latest stats on iPhone and iPad usage in one handy post. I’ve also added a selection of mobile stats from our most recent Internet Statistics Compendium

Worldwide distribution of iPhones (AdMob Mobile Metrics report)

  • In the US there was a 2 to 1 ratio of iPhone OS devices to Android OS devices. Worldwide the ratio of iPhone OS devices to Android devices was 3.5 to 1.
  • There were 11.6m unique Android OS devices and 27.4m iPhones worldwide in the AdMob network in April 2010. When you add the iPod touch and iPad to the figures, the number of iPhone OS devices jumps to 40.8m worldwide.

Publishers’ iPad app sales (Guardian)

  • The Times iPad edition sold 5,000 copies in the three days after its launch, at £9.99 per download. Rupert Murdoch says that the Wall Street Journal now has 10,000 customers paying per month. 
  • The FT has had 130,000 downloads of its free iPad app since its launch two weeks ago. Another free app, The Guardian’s Eyewitness, has had 90,000 downloads. 
  • Wired sold 24,000 copies of its iPad app in the first 24 hours after release. 
IPhone app usage / engagement (Yelp via TechCrunch)
  • While the Yelp iPhone app had 1.4m unique users in Mays a small percentage of the total of 32m uniques for the month. 
  • However, these users are responsible for a high proportion of interaction – 27% of all Yelp searches came via the app. 
  • In December, Argos had 750,000 visits from iPhones and iPods, prompting the company to launch an iPhone app. 
App Store stats (Distimo)
  • In App Store, paid applications in the Top Overall, Games, Business and Entertainment categories stay in these categories for 27, 39, 59 and 38 days on average, respectively. 
  • Free apps stay in the Top 100 for a significantly shorter time in the Top Overall, Games and Business categories, with 19, 21 and 39 days on average, respectively.
  • The majority of paid apps that have been in the Top 100 between November 2009 and April 2010 fall into the Games and Entertainment categories. 
  • The paid apps that have been in the top five for the longest period of time are Doodle Jump (140 days), RedLaser (73 days) and Skee-Ball (68 days). 
The paid app market (AdMob)
  • The biggest driver of paid app sales on the iPhone & Android is try-before-you-buy – 54% of Android users, 52% of iPhone users and 70% of iPod Touch users all cited liking the free version and upgrading to the paid version‖ as a reason for buying paid apps. 
  • AdMob estimates the size of the monthly iPhone paid app market as 5m, with the iPod Touch market adding another m. The Android market in comparison is just m per month. 

How do iPhone users discover apps? (AdMob)

  • 62% find apps by searching for a specific type of app, 60% browse through the App Store charts, 40% receive word of mouth recommendations, 20% see ads in other apps, while 19% read about apps in the press or on blogs. 
  • 93% of iPhone users download iPhone Applications directly on their phone. Only 7% of users download via iTunes and upload to the phone. 
  • Click on image for larger version:

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