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AppRapids Information Service Now Available

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) December 06, 2011

A new enterprise information service called AppRapids is now available. AppRapids,, published Monday through Friday, covers enterprise infrastructure, solutions, and applications. Unlike other services, AppRapids focuses on important developments and provides critical comments about technology, products, and services.

The news service follows the format of the widely read Beyond Search news service published at

The AppRapids service is sponsored by PolySpot ,, one of the worlds leading innovators in agile enterprise search infrastructure solutions + apps. PolySpot has teamed with managing director of, Stephen E. Arnold, to produce an objective, up-to-the-minute news service about next-generation enterprise computing. The service also features Googles Adsense advertisements.

A micro website at will include articles, features, and links to important enterprise infrastructure, solutions, and applications. In addition, the AppRapids editorial team will develop critical commentary about products and services. The approach will focus on making pointed comments about technology that marketers often intentionally obfuscate. The editors want to flag concerns and ways to deliver a satisfying user experience. Comments are permitted for every AppRapids story. An About section sets forth the editorial policy for the web log. Story ideas may be submitted to [email protected]

AppRapids editor is Megan Feil. She and ArnoldIT editorial coordinator Constance Ard, MLS, use the Overflight intelligence service to identify important stories and trends in next-generation enterprise architecture and applications.

Olivier Lefassy, chief marketing officer and founder of PolySpot, said, We believe that the type of information generated by ArnoldIT makes it easy to track important innovations and the companies which are helping create the next-generation enterprise frameworks, architectures, and solutions, including open source applications. PolySpot is active in this arena, and we want to ensure that a continuous flow of information is available to document developments in open source and proprietary solutions.

Feil added, The amount of information directly relevant to next-generation solutions is winnowed by the Overflight system. What we are able to do is pinpoint the important products, services, and thought leaders. We will be covering the open source arena as well as innovations from cutting-edge companies like PolySpot.

Arnold said, Our approach to covering developments in technology is more like a reference and alerting service. We identify important articles, essays, and blog posts. We use these as the anchors for our analyses, comparisons, and observations. The goal is to create a flow of reliable information for the busy executive who must know how to reduce costs, improve efficiency via open source and mobile apps, and improve the user satisfaction of employees who rely on enterprise systems.

About PolySpot

Founded in 2001, PolySpot delivers agile enterprise search infrastructure solutions + apps. Unlike other providers, PolySpot focuses firmly on the user experience by enriching raw data upstream, thereby improving decision-making. Companies need search solutions that are capable of covering their entire information system and that can help users to classify, share and search for information quickly. Companies also need to build their business intelligence strategy around these data, ensuring that strategically important information is read, classified, and analyzed automatically. Furthermore, they require business-specific applications that provide search functions tailored to each of their activities, such as customer service, HR, compliance and sales management.

PolySpots solutions have millions of users worldwide, across all business sectors, with customers including Allianz, BNP Paribas, Bureau Veritas, Cr