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Connected TV ad trial achieves 22% CTR

Connected TV ads received a click through rate of 22% during a study of eight campaigns by the Rovi Corporation.

Almost 70% of users exposed to the smart TV campaigns noticed the ads, achieving a 6% incremental reach in addition to traditional media channels.

The study evaluated UK connected TV audience segments, platform familiarity and usage, as well as advertising effectiveness and engagement.

It coincides with the release of Econsultancy’s Connected TV Smart Pack which includes market trends, key statistics and case study examples of companies using connected TV for marketing and provides an overview of the main players in this increasingly important sector.

Rovi’s study found an 86% uplift in association with key brand statements for brands exposed on the smart TV platform versus non-exposed control samples.

It also claims that 47% of connected TV viewers exposed to the ads said they would investigate the product in future, with purchase intent 2.5 times higher compared to a control sample who hadn’t seen the adverts.

The ads used in this study were display adverts that launched a TV-friendly microsite when the viewer clicked on it.

They were generally seen as non-intrusive because respondents felt they were ’contextually relevant’ to the platform.

This is to be expected as the brands involved in the study included Twentieth Century Fox, Channel 4, Red Bull TV and BT.

Content apps were found to be the most popular, with two in five connected TV viewers claiming to have watched the video featured on the brand’s microsite.

But in reality the results of this study appear to good to be true, and should be treated with caution.

Smart TV is still a developing industry and as such users are going to be more aware of the new features and what appears on screen.

As connected TVs become more common the ads will blur into the background as they do on webpages and CTRs will inevitably drop – there is no way any ad platform will be able to maintain a 22% CTR.

But that is not to say there is no value in connected TV.

TV is still ‘king of the living room’, and the likes of Google, Samsung and Microsoft have all been working on connected TV products.

The ability to deliver TV audiences on-demand content and link them directly to e-commerce store fronts through their TV set has massive potential for advertisers.

As such, the connected TV industry is predicted to experience huge growth in the next few years.

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