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Easy AdSense

Easy AdSense

AdSense from Google is most certainly the ticket for many website owners, whether you have a small website or a large one, Google AdSense could earn money for you while you sleep! I have been using AdSense at my website which simply explains all about Google Page Rank for just a short time and have earned money daily since using Google AdSense.

It is Free to sign up with Google AdSense and although Google will never tell you exactly what you could earn because each click or search has to yield them something in return first, you will start earning money more or less straight away after signing up and adding the code to your website. I can assure you that Google AdSense is certainly worth the bother of adding some small amount of code to your webpage. You do not have to be an expert website creator to earn money from Google AdSense but obviously if you have a large website then Google AdSense could earn you a great deal.

AdSense can earn you money in three different ways:

Firstly Google AdSense can display targeted adverts to your webpage. These AdSense adverts link directly back to AdSense and look for keywords in your webpage. It then links the correct advert to that page, using relevant good AdSense adverts.

Secondly AdSense can earn you money from website searches which can earn a good amount of money if you place the AdSense search box in the best place for your website visitors. You will not earn every time someone searches from you AdSense search box however, it really depends on whether they have also moved on to maybe purchase a product or signed up for something via the AdSense search box.

Thirdly you can also earn money from AdSense referrals, which potentially could earn you quite a lot of money. By simply referring your website to Google AdSense to make money will not in itself earn you money, but if they sign up to AdSense and then go on to make $ 100 within their first 6 months then believe it or not AdSense will pay you $ 100.

So if you can get your website to sign up with AdSense you will never know when the big one will drop in your bank account. It is fairly easy for a new Google AdSense member to earn $ 100 in six months, especially when your visitor already has a website with perhaps as little as 50 unique visitors a day. With Google AdSense and it’s ability to know what to show your website visitor as regard to targeted adverts, you will soon gain back your time in earnings as long as you follow some basic guidelines.

AdSense works best with content rich websites and there is absolutely no point in adding AdSense to anything but websites that are content rich. So target your AdSense campaign toward the current scheme of your webpage’s. Therefore if you have a website, on let’s say cars, then write your content about cars and write lots of it too. You will not only earn a living from AdSense but also from your original services or products. AdSense requires a great deal of content for it to decide the best adverts to display so be very aware of this. Remember also that AdSense allows people from around the world including many poorer countries to make money from their website using AdSense. As long as you can read and write, also have a computer with internet connection then you can certainly earn a great wage from writing about what you know.

James Jenkins
Software Developer
Tamar Solutions

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