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Evaluation of Keywords for an AdSense Oriented Website

Evaluation of Keywords for an AdSense Oriented Website

The Google AdSense movement is gaining momentum every day. The
driving force in the system is Google’s AdWords ads. The AdSense
program enables website owners to monetize their site and make
additional income.

Although Google has made it simple and easy to implement AdSense on
your website, you have to spend your time and effort to develop a
central theme and the supporting content-rich web pages for your
website. You should develop your website around a specific keyword
phrase that has a high potential to monetize your website through
AdSense. The content and theme of your website should be centered
around the keyword phrase that you are targeting.

AdSense Factor


Refer to my article on The AdSense Factor for an overview on
monetizing your website with AdSense at:



The purpose of this report is to show you one method that I use to
evaluate a keyword phrase relative to other keyword phrases for use
in an AdSense oriented website. It is not intended to show you how
to select a list of keyword themes for evaluation. That topic is
covered adequately in many different other ebooks and reports. As a
valuable resource, I use the following keyword research tool to help
me locate extremely profitable keyword phrases waiting for AdSense
content or niche products:



The following example illustrates the potential ranking of keyword-
oriented websites based on keyword phrases previously selected by me
(or you) for consideration as a keyword-oriented AdSense website.
You must always remember there is no one best method to determine
the potential profitability or viability of any specific keyword
phrase when building a website geared towards AdSense monetization.
It takes careful and methodical research followed by in-depth

The terms used in this example for a specific keyword phrase are:

* Searches = number of searches made by search engine users for a
specific keyword phrase in the previous month as determined by
Overture at

* Top CPC = the current maximum bid (cost per click) by an
advertiser on Overture for a specific keyword phrase

* Competition Pages = the number of web pages indexed by
Google when you perform a search for a specific keyword phrase
on Google’s search engine

* Competitive Ratio = Competition Pages / Searches

* Value Index = Competitive Ratio / Top CPC

Keyword Phrase Searches Top Competition Comp Value
CPC Pages Ratio Index
————– ——– —– ———- —– —–
hardwood floor 167,461 $ 3.02 4,010,000 23.9 7.9
bridal registry 102,568 $ 4.68 2,210,000 21.5 4.6
auto towing 109,893 $ 0.51 4,020,000 36.6 71.7
commodity broker 126,552 $ 2.71 1,890,000 14.9 5.5
hair replacement 105,996 $ 1.17 13,500,000 127.4 108.9
adjustable bed 100,295 $ 3.97 2,750,000 27.4 6.9
consolidate debt 105,651 $ 4.57 6,320,000 59.8 13.1
credit card debt 171,737 $ 5.00 17,800,000 103.6 20.7
health insurance quote 161,322 $ 3.00 13,600,000 84.3 28.1
criminal lawyer 165,156 $ 4.10 22,500,000 136.2 33.2

Note: Information obtained for this evaluation in November, 2005 can
be found in the following excellent websites:

* Overture: (see Keyword

Selector Tool and View Bids Tool)

* NicheBOT:

The guidelines to look for in building an AdSense-oriented keyword
phrase website includes the following items:

* You need the ability or resource to generate fresh quality
content centered around the central theme of your website on a
regular basis.

* You want a relatively high amount of targeted traffic (visitors
to your website)

* You want to minimize when possible the number of competing

* You would like to have your website optimized for high-paying
AdSense ads

Analysis and Evaluation


First, let’s assume that you have the ability and desire to generate
fresh quality content for any of the keyword phrases on the list of
potential keyword phrases under consideration. This can be done by
writing your own articles, hiring someone to write the articles for
you or using information generated by other individuals that can be
freely utilized without copyright infringement.

Second, I have purposely selected keyword phrases in my initial
search that had searches exceeding 100,000 in the most recent
month. There is no magic number to use as the minimum search
amount. However, the probability decreases in being able to get a
portion of the traffic to visit your website as the number of
monthly searches decreases. Search engine optimization may play a
vital role in generating traffic to your website. If you like,
raise the number to 200,000 or higher and see what results you
obtain. Keep in mind that at some point the number of available
keyword phrases decrease as the minimum search volume requirement is
raised. It is a matter of trial-and-error research to find your
desired search number.

Third, the competition tends to increase for the more popular
keyword phrases. The popular keywords usually have a lot of AdSense-
oriented web pages that are trying to “win the AdSense clicks” of a
limited number of visitors searching for quality content on a
specific keyword phrase. This competition is usually expressed as
the “competitive ratio.” It indicates the number of indexed web
pages that exist for each search by a search engine user for a
specific keyword phrase. The ratio increases as the competition for
a keyword phrase increases assuming a steady level of visitor
searches. Not every web page indexed for a specific keyword phrase
is trying to get AdSense clicks. However, the non-AdSense oriented
web pages are still competing for the search engine visitors.

Fourth, the top bid price (or cost per click) paid by the individual
CPC advertiser (i.e., the amount paid by the advertiser to the
search engine for every click on their search engine ad) also tends
to increase as the popularity of a keyword phrase increases. As an
AdSense oriented website publisher, you want to maximize the CPC
value of the AdSense ads that are displayed on your content theme
website. As a side note, you would want to minimize (or optimize)
your CPC value if you were searching for a keyword phrase centered
around a product of service you wanted to advertise on Google AdWords.

Using the above guidelines, I have classified the list of keyword
phrases as follows (in order of preference as a keyword phrase to
design an AdSense oriented website around):

Keyword Phrase Top Competitive Value
CPC Ratio Index
Rank Rank Rank
———————- —- ———– —–
bridal registry 2 2 1
commodity broker 8 1 2
adjustable bed 5 4 3
hardwood floor 6 3 4
consolidate debt 3 6 5
credit card debt 1 5 6
health insurance quote 7 7 7
criminal lawyer 4 10 8
auto towing 10 5 9
hair replacement 9 9 10

From this list of rankings for each keyword phrase, I would probably
select “bridal registry” as my first choice and “commodity broker”
as my second choice. In a similar manner, I would probably put
“hair replacement” as my last choice and “auto towing” as the next
to last choice.

Everything boils down to how comfortable you personally feel about
this ranking system or your own ranking system. I use a ranking
system that tries to remove the subjective “guess work” and thereby
focus on the objective benefits of each keyword phrase.

I hope this methodology has value to you in your selection and
utilization of keyword phrases in your own AdSense oriented
websites. The primary objective is to select a keyword phrase that
you can use to build a quality and content-rich monetized AdSense

Copyright (C) 2005 – F. Terrence Markle has worked with public and private companies. He has an MBA in marketing and finance. Terry has been involved with Internet-related businesses for over 4 years.

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