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FRIDAY FUN: 10 hidden Easter eggs found on websites

Recently I listed a bunch of creative 404 pages, which a) made for light reading, b) show that it is possible to deal with problems in an engaging way, and c) goes some way to prove that an interesting 404 page is an easy way of generating some extra link juice.

Since it’s Friday here’s another slice of fun. 

Finding Easter eggs used to be a case of running around the garden once a year. Then came along computer games, which included ‘Easter eggs’ in the form of hidden treasure. Some websites have Easter eggs too, and I thought I’d point you at a few of them.

A note: this post shamelessly references this thread on Reddit, which contains a number of other examples.


Black Acre Brewing

Click ‘I am under 21’ and brace yourself (use headphones at your discretion).

Your Next Seven

Go to the footer and find ‘Destroy The Things’. Click it. Wait for the spaceship to arrive, fully armed, and use the arrow keys to start the carnage.

WordPress ToS

Randomly inserts the sentence: ‘If you’re actually reading this, here’s a treat’, which links to a picture of some moist brisket. 



There are a bunch of Easter eggs hidden in Google’s various website, but for now simply visit Google and type in these four search queries (individually) to mine the gold.

1. askew 

2. zerg rush

3. barrel roll

4. recursion

Konami Code Sites

A list of websites including Facebook will perform a little trick if you input the Konami code, which is as follows:

[arrow keys] up up down down left right left right A B Enter

Yahoo Australia

Visit! The! Site! And! Click! On! The! Exclamation! Mark! In! the! Logo! And! Noise! Will! Happen!

The IMDb page for Spinal Tap

You guessed it… the rating goes all the way up to 11 (as does the volume control on the BBC iPlayer).

The Oatmeal

Click ‘view source’ for a surprise.

Mini USA

Type ‘reverse’ in the search field and then hold down Shift and click on the gear lever.

Visit this website and type ‘penguin’ on the hompage. Note animated penguin. Then wait for something else to happen.

[An aside: I had this tab open in the background while writing this for the past 15 minutes. I’ve also been listening to a record for the first time, and thought it included a weird backing track featuring some very odd animal noises. I’ve just put 2+2 together…]

Have you seen any others out there? 

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