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Introducing our Los Angeles Community Manager, Nikki Pierce

Dear Angelenos,

We like nothing better than to know the latest
IT thing... the new IT restaurant where we might see that new IT actor, the latest IT bar where the new IT band will be playing, or even the IT place to let your dog off his leash… legally. So guess what, I have the latest IT news to hit this town… yes, Google Los Angeles has launched and will be the place to get and share your information on all those IT places on Google Places. Together we will rate, review and turn these IT places upside down in our search for the best stuff to do/see/eat in Los Angeles.

A little about myself… I moved to Los Angeles almost six years ago from the thriving deserts of Phoenix, Arizona with hopes of working in what I thought was the IT industry: music. And I did work several years in music but found that I was most drawn to the Internet and its crazy cast of characters. I migrated to social media and found “my people.” I still go nuts for music in any form whether it’s shopping vinyl at
Origami or the ridiculous used sections of Amoeba or seeing shows
Music Box don’t leave us! You can follow my Twitter and my personal blog, where you’ll see a lot of talk about pop culture (my one true love), Hello Kitty, my latest baking adventure and probably a lot of cute guys.

But enough about me let’s get back to the real belle of this ball: LA. When people ask me what the best thing about living in LA is, I answer “There’s always something to do.” Whether it’s film screenings, concerts, restaurant openings, your roommate’s friend’s neighbor needing extras for the short film he’s shooting, there is ALWAYS something to do, yes even during the dreaded “
carmageddon.” That’s what I’m most excited about sharing with you, a little glimpse into some of the places that make Los Angeles the best city in the world.

Since there’s always something to do in LA, let’s walk through my perfect week…

Because we know the week REALLY begins on Friday, let’s start there…

Friday – Kiss your coworkers goodbye and race off to meet your pals for an end of the workweek burger, homemade pastrami, beer and taro (!!!) milkshake at
Oinkster. As I tell everyone “they make their own ketchup!” It’s one of my favorite chill spots in Eagle Rock to wind down before hitting it hard on Saturday. If you made in time for happy hour, count yourself lucky because you just got a half-priced craft beer from the likes of Eagle Rock Brewery and whoever else might happen to be on tap this month. Now go home and prepare yourself for Saturday.

Saturday – After your adult tap dance class through the
LACC program, grab your pal and head to the LA institution Zankou for schwarma to fuel up and plan your night out. I suggest a night hopping around downtown… start at the classy Seven Grand where they have plaid wallpaper and every whiskey known to man. Then because you need to stand outside and drink at a ranchero bar with the youngest, hippest kids head to La Cita. After gazing at one too many weird beards walk around the corner to Bar 107 because it feels like home, plays the music you want to hear and doesn’t care who knows (MJ, TLC, Squeeze). Down a couple Tecate tall boys and reminisce about when you put Morrissey on a mixtape for the first time.

Sunday – Brunch is a must so whether you get a “mess” at
Millies or keep it classy (your parents are in town) at True Food Kitchen, you gotta do it. Your head will thank you. After an afternoon disco nap head out to do it all over again at The Short Stop where they spin all your favorites from the ‘60s at Super Soul Night. Make a love connection with that boy in a cardigan or that girl with the modern bouffant. Wink at Jen in the DJ booth for playing “Be My Baby.”

Monday – Hey now, take it easy you just spent the weekend hitting the town, you should start off with a latte or my favorite – a mint tea from
Intelligentsia in Silver Lake. Sunglasses and ironic tank top? Mandatory. Celeb spotting? Optional but probably gonna happen. Not ready to give up the weekend? Hit one of the amazing FREE residencies at The Echo or Satellite that night to hear some up and coming bands.

Tuesday – These are like make up days, so either catch up on your DVR and grab a couple tacos from Taco Zone to go or throw your friend a bone and see her improv comedy troupe at
UCB because you’ve been promising to for, like… years.

Wednesday – The weekend is now officially in sight but you gotta pace yourself so take that work friend out for Korean barbeque lunch at
Tahoe in Koreatown and show them you know the difference between bulgogi and galbi and that it’s possible to operate a grill indoors without burning the building down.

Thursday – Time to ramp up for the big weekend so hit up the patisserie at
Bottega Louie for snacks to bring in to the coworkers. My suggestion: the salted caramel tart AND the passion fruit eclair. You’re welcome. Then because you need some new duds that will be both work appropriate but also look good at your friends house party in Echo Park or the bar downtown, swing by Kimski Makes for some super affordable yet super-chic clothes.

Friday… you made it again! Now rinse and repeat.

From Hwood to Ktown, Santa Monica and back down there’s a billion places in Los Angeles to check out and tell your friends about… get to reviewing your favorites on
Google Places, follow @GoogleLAX and hopefully I will see you at a few of them along the way!

You can now go back to obsessing about which Coachella weekend to choose…

Posted by Nikki Pierce, Los Angeles community manager

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