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Introducing our Sydney Community Manager, Anna Kricker

Hey Sydneysiders,

My name is Anna and I’m the new Places Community Manager for Sydney. What does that mean? It means I’m here to make sure you get the most out of Google Places and don’t find yourself sighing,

“Where should we eat tonight?”
“How can I find a good gym whilst traveling interstate?”
“Does anyone know of a nearby bike shop?”

I’d like to let you know a little bit more about myself. I am my happiest (apart from being part of the Google Places team) when cranking my 29er mountain bike around a track, reading Margaret Atwood or drinking my first morning coffee — as Murakami stated — coffee as ‘hot and strong as the devil at midnight.’

I love taking videos with my GoPro whilst planning my next caffeine hit or out on adventures with my FJ40. I am passionate about good food and about accessing the beautiful, yet unforgiving, Australian bush. You can also find me on Twitter having a chat about car restorations with the FJ40 community.

After a long road trip or bike ride, nothing but the most satisfying food will suffice. I love Das Kaffee Haus in Manly for German schnitzels and Weissbier or Steki Taverna in Marrickville for spanakopita and meat dolmas.  When I have interstate visitors I always head to Fratelli Paradiso for rice porridge and rhubarb breakfasts. “Blessings on him who invented…the food that appeases hunger”(Cervantes)

Having grown up in both Sydney and Melbourne, I am fascinated by the complex, yet mutually beneficial, food relationship these cities have. I have entered many a passionate debate about the superiority of a Sydney style latte versus the Melbourne.  My favourite caffeine burrows in Sydney involve anything roasted by the team at Allpress and if a cafe is near a Berkelouw Bookshop, even better. When in Melbourne my favourite battleground cafes are Pellegrini’s and Ici Cafe.

Ask me about my favourite food genre and there is no hesitation in answering… Japanese. Long time  Sydney favourites are Uchi lounge, Kintaro and Sydney’s best Japanese supermarket, Tokyomart.

You can often find me seeking out a burger for lunch after racking up the kilometers cycling Manly Dam. Currently the best spots to  hit up are The Cooks Larder or Cafe Splat with a glorious Sydney water view as bonus.  

Through planning user meetups, foodie contests and giveaways I want you to experience and share Sydney at its best. I look forward to hearing from foodies, outdoor adventurers and dog lovers about everything that makes you L-O-V-E- this Emerald City as a marvellous place to live, work and play!

Follow us at @googlesydney and get ready to join me for some very cool activities.


Posted by Anna Kricker, Sydney community manager

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