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Is creating sub domains a good way of building a profitable Adsense empire?

Question by alan213006: Is creating sub domains a good way of building a profitable Adsense empire?
Is creating sub domains a good way of building a profitable Adsense empire? I have read that it saves you money if you just add a subdomain to your main site, rather than fork out more on a new domain and webspace for a different niche.

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Answer by ۩
A sub domain is one way. To build profitable Adsense empire you need quality content that is updated often and growing web traffic.
You can do several things to increase traffic flow.
When making your own web site do some research on how to optimize your site so that you get a good ranking with a natural search. You do this by embedding smart key words.

You need get your web address in as many locations as possible on the net. You do this by article submission, link swap and free classifieds.

Here is a comprehensive list of Classifieds

Here goes a link to a teenager that has large volume of webtraffic based on her quality of content.

Here goes an article of successful adsense program
By Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY
LOS ANGELES — Jerry Alonzy figured he’d be working into his 70s at least.
As an independent handyman at the mercy of weather patterns near Hartford, Conn., he’d always made a decent income that rarely grew.
Then he found Google (GOOG), and his life changed. Alonzy, 57, now makes $ 120,000 a year from the ads Google places on his Natural Handyman website, and he couldn’t be more thrilled.
“I put in two, maybe three hours a day on the site, and the checks pour in,” he says. “What’s not to like?”
In return for placing its ads on websites and blogs, Google pays Web publishers every time one of its ads are clicked. Those clicks help keep Alonzy and his wife living comfortably and talking about moving to Hawaii. “All I need is a laptop and a high-speed Internet connection, and I can live anywhere.”
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The Internet may be a young person’s medium, but the retired and those nearing retirement such as Alonzy have found that they can work the Web just as well. Sometimes, such “Gray Googlers” can live a richer, more financially rewarding life than when they were supposedly working.
“Google isn’t just for kids anymore,” says Google executive Kim Scott, who runs the company’s AdSense program, the ad platform that provides the income for Web publishers such as Alonzy and others.
Take Jerrold Foutz. The former Boeing engineer, 75, started a website a few years ago devoted to one of his passions — switching mode power supplies, which help drive, for instance, the inside of video cameras.
He put Google ads on his site four years ago. After just one month, the first Google check was for $ 800. The second check totaled $ 2,000.
“I thought, ‘Wow,’ ” he said. “This was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. Something I thought would make $ 50 a year now equals my Boeing retirement check.”
That comes out to around $ 25,000 yearly.
Foutz’s experience is not an anomaly.
After Hope Pryor’s four kids left home, she grew intrigued with the Internet and learned how to design a Web page. She didn’t want it to focus on just her, so she posted some of her favorite recipes on the site.
Now, her Cooks Recipes site is bringing in nearly $ 90,000 yearly, mostly from Google ads. The holidays are the biggest-producing months of the year.
“Last December alone, I netted $ 30,000 from Google,” she says. “There’s not too many people I know who can walk into a car dealership and buy two vehicles at one time. I did just that recently.”

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