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Make Money With AdSense – 7 Fast Secrets Reveals How to Triple Your AdSense Revenue

Make Money With AdSense – 7 Fast Secrets Reveals How to Triple Your AdSense Revenue

If you rely on Google AdSense to make money with ads displayed on your website, you’re probably frustrated with your lower payments lately.

When Google first offered to share their advertising revenue with us in the Spring of 2003, it was pretty easy to bank some nice cash when our visitors clicked on those tiny classified ads displayed on our site…

… But these days, those Google AdSense revenue payments are getting smaller and thinner… even as our traffic grows. Most say it’s impossible to make money with AdSense. I felt the same way until a few months ago. Today, I know there’s money to be made with AdSense ads… if you know the secrets which I’m about to share with you.

This short AdSense tutorial is going to reveal my best-kept AdSense secrets to DRAMATICALLY boost your Google AdSense earnings. I stumbled upon these secrets by reverse engineering some of the websites that brag about making over $ 100,000.00 a year.

Tweak your title for higher AdSense revenues
Tweaking the title on your webpage is often the difference between banking a few pennies per click on your AdSense ads to generating over a dollar per click.

Compare these similar phrases:

– DIY home surveillance
– do it yourself home security

Both keyword phrases seem identical… and they are in meaning. But the difference is advertisers are willing to pay 169 times more for webpages themed for “do it yourself home security” (average of $ 8.47 per click) compared to “DIY home surveillance” (5 cents a click).

Hit the Google AdSense “sweet spot”
My never-ending testing reveals there’s a direct correlation between the placement of the AdSense ads and the resulting click through.

When ads are placed in “content zones” (rather than in “advertising zones), you typically generate more Google AdSense revenue. Where is the content zone? It’s located just above your content. Most visitors are blind to ads placed in the traditional spots… but those same ads placed above the beginning of our content usually get clicked more often.

Introducing the perfect AdSense templates
While there are currently 12 AdSense templates to display, I find the 336 x 280 (large rectangle) ads convert better than any other format. And don’t fret about optimizing for smart phones and mobile devices… my testing shows they hardly ever click on AdSense ads.

Make your AdSense ads blend in with your content
Let’s face it, our website visitors HATE ads. Most use ad blockers and their 6th sense to avoid ads. That’s why you want to have your AdSense blocks blend in with the overall appearance of your webpage. Have the background of your ads match the background of your webpage. And don’t add borders… this tips off your webpage visitors that you’re displaying ads.

Triple your AdSense revenues with this one addition
AdSense for Search is MUCH more profitable than AdSense for Content. It’s true. In addition to placing standard AdSense template ads, I place a Google AdSense search box at the bottom of my content… and each click averages 317% higher eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) than displayed ads.

Dumb down your webpage
A new and very interesting study reveals the way a person arrives from a search engine like Google. It helps us understand how they click on your ads. Specifically, people who search by clicking the button on Google’s homepage are 50% more likely to go on to click ads on your page than people who search by any other Google means, according to online ad network Chitika.

Confused? I understand. Let me explain… if Joe Blow searches Google for “hard drive recovery” and completes his search clicking the (Search) submit button, Joe Blow (on average) is 50% more likely to click on your AdSense ads than if he were to search using the [Enter] key.

Why the big difference? One can only guess that sophisticated web surfers are searching without the additional effort of clicking Google’s [Search] submit button (while less-sophisticated searchers are clicking the search button — and clicking on our Google AdSense ads.

Bottom line: It appears advertising click rates are inversely proportional to the “tech-savviness” of the people receiving the ads. So tweak your webpage theme to target beginners, not sophisticated users.

Eliminate unprofitable advertisers in a click
How’d you like to delete the worst advertisers (displayed on your webpages) in just a few fast and easy mouse clicks? Google now offers a best-kept secret way to ban advertisers who don’t write profitable ads. It’s called “Category Filters” and you find it by logging into your AdSense account and going here:

AdSense Setup –> Ad Review Center

As you see, Google shows you “Filtered Categories” and up-to-date results.

Google AdSense allows us to eliminate categories if they’re unprofitable. For example, 8.9% of my ads display “Get Rich Quick” advertisers… nothing wrong with that, but my “% Recent Earnings” is 0.0%. That means I’m displaying ads that are paying me nothing. So I checked it off, clicked the [Submit] button… and now those unprofitable ads are no longer displayed.

There’s no reason for you to struggle with making money with AdSense. If you’re ready to get more AdSense income now, you might want to grab these make money with AdSense tips, techniques and methods.

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4. What is Google Adsense (YouTube Partnership Series)

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