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Meet your Google Places Neighbor: Ashok Patel

Editor’s Note: Now and then we’ll spotlight one of our amazing Google Places reviewers. Both so you guys can start to get to know one another and so we can pull together and share our favourite local places. Today, we introduce you to Ashok Patel from London.

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Apart from time spent overseas and up North, self-confessed tech geek Ashok has lived in London for most of his life. In his spare time, he learns the flute, writes, plays sport, reads, and loves visiting the British Museum – phew! We quizzed him on where he really rates in London.

What’s your favourite thing about reviewing with Google Places?
Sharing my experiences with other users.

What’s been the best Google Places activity you’ve been to so far?
Holiday Happy Hour at The Book Club – they had excellent mulled cider and I met London’s community manager, Sarah!

What’s your insider tip to help anyone new get the best out of London?
Walk fast and book early.

And speaking of insider tips, where do you rate in London?

The British Museum – This is, by far, my favourite place in London. It contains the history of the world in a single building! Just immense.

Abeno – Simply the best okonomiyaki [savoury pancakes!] I’ve had since I left Japan. I’ve spent 10 years looking for an authentic Japanese restaurant here but now I need look no longer.

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology – A hidden gem of a museum. It looks small on the outside but contains a veritable glut of Egyptian history. A must-see in London!

The National Gallery – Every time I go, I find something new – the National Gallery has an astounding collection of art from around the world, covering both the well-known and not so well-known.

Lyceum Theatre – The Lion King at the Lyceum is one of the best shows in London at one of the best theatres! It’s an incredible spectacle, and the theatre matches the show’s magnificence.

Posted by Sarah Drinkwater, London community manager

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