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MLM and SEO. Bad Business! No Business!

MLM has been around way before the Internet. It is a few steps
above a chain letter. Well, maybe more then a few steps. MLM has
paved the way for people to have their own business. It can
start out as side money and flourish into a very profitable

Now, you are probably saying to yourself “Joe, what do you know
about MLM?” Well, folks in the early days I did MLM. Yes, I am a
not proud of it. Not because it’s MLM but, because I wasn’t any
good at it. Thank goodness though. I may not have found my
calling in SEO if I did. What I am trying to say is…MLM is
hard. Nowadays, they try to make it easier by offering you a
cookie cutter site. What? A cookie cutter site? Isn’t that bad
SEO? YES! MLM in their attempt to help their down-line are
actually making it harder. You want to spend more time promoting
your site by:

Writing content Testimonials Recommendations Providing tips
about the items or products ..and so on.

MLM companies force you to throw more of your hard earn money
into advertising. If you know the name of a well established MLM
company type it into Google. What you get is dozens of sites.
Many of them are the same exact site dominating over the others.
It is usually the companies own site. Generating leads that YOU
will have to pay to get. While your cookie cutter site fights
for spots on Google adwords. Which by the way YOUR MLM has the
top 3 positions. So, how do you win? Create your own web site.
Find keywords related to what you sell and not the company name.
If you cannot do that then create a blog. Place tips,
recommendations, and testimonials and so on in your blog. Do
your own Google campaign. Find message boards, blogs and
websites that have interests in what you sell. You can even do a
link exchange with other blogs.

Until MLM companies’ see how valuable SEO is to the success of
their business and yours you can never be successful. They will
always tell you about the successes and never the failures. It
is true it takes money to make money. But, if the main company
corners the market on leads how can you ever make it ahead? Go
door to door?

Take matters into your own hands. Or, better yet. Demand your
up-line provide you with a better way to achieve your goals.
They are profiting from all your hard work. So, let them help
you as much as possible. If that doesn’t work take matters into
your own hands. The worst you can do is make things better.

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