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New research: Cross-Channel Marketing Survey now live

In partnership with Responsys, Econsultancy has launched some new research for 2012, the Cross-Channel Marketing Survey, which looks at the cross-section of different online and offline channels, including integration with email, display advertising, mobile, plus much more. 

The research aims to benchmark trends within the market, and the launch of this brand-new survey reflects the growing necessity for companies to take an integrated approach to marketing and remove the organisational barriers that are holding them back. 

It’s clear that consumers are increasingly interacting with a wide range of different channels along the customer journey, which means it is essential for businesses to adapt to this shift in customer behaviour. 

Research published by Cisco in January 2012 shows the percentage of UK consumers who have searched using one channel and made a purchase through another channel: 

  • PC-to-store: 64% do it now; 18% interested in doing so.
  • Store-to-online (mobile or PC): 47% do it now; 19% interested in doing so.
  • Kiosk-to-store (immediate in-store sale): 39% do it now; 26% interested in doing so.
  • Kiosk-to-store (later in-store pickup): 31% do it now; 27% interested in doing so.
  • Kiosk-to-store (delivery to location of choice): 23% do it now; 29% interested in doing so.
  • Mobile-to-store: 23% do it now; 23% interested in doing so.
  • Mobile-to-PC: 27% do it now; 22% interested in doing so.

This new research, sponsored by Responsys, will be based on our survey of client-side (in-house) marketers, as well as agencies and consultants. More than 300 companies and agencies have already completed the survey since its launch on Friday, which indicates there is growing interest in the importance of cross-channel marketing and employing a joined-up approach. 

The survey covers a wide range of different topics, including the extent to which online and offline channels are integrated with overall marketing activity, and the ability of organisations to drive marketing campaigns co-ordinated across different channels.

The survey also looks at the integration of display advertising and mobile with a range of marketing channels. 

As with all of Econsultancy’s B2B surveys, respondents taking part in this inaugural research will receive a free copy of the final report with the results and analysis, normally worth £250 or $ 400. The deadline for taking part in the survey is Tuesday 15 May.

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