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Search Engine Optimisation Services Specialist Discusses What Is Search Engine Optimisation – Part 5

Search Engine Optimisation Services Specialist Discusses What Is Search Engine Optimisation – Part 5

If you incorrectly and intentionally use the ‘copy and paste’ method as a search engine optimisation specialist to achieve first page ranking in Google, then Google will identify that immediately and ban you. You will not get anywhere and your website will not be ranked anywhere in the Google search engine.

Readers who are serious search engine optimisation services specialists, work at home business entrepreneurs or internet marketers and want to learn about and apply SEO techniques to promote their business websites on the internet, need to build their own powerful search engine optimisation systems and maintain them.

The best way to be in control of your own SEO system is to build and maintain your own website. As mentioned before, replicated websites will not be to your advantage, as you need to be in complete control of the back end of any website that you market on the internet. Most people have their business, service, product or opportunity advertised on the internet through replicated websites. This type of website is always managed and configured by the people who own these websites. You need to build your own website marketing the same information.

This will ensure that you are in complete control of all the search engine optimisation information aspects placed on your website. You will then be responsible to yourself for achieving a first page Google search engine ranking for your website by applying effective and successful SEO techniques. So, you will have the replicated website managed by other people advertising your information for you and you will have your own search engine optimised website, managed by yourself, marketing the same information on the internet.

When you build your website make sure that you incorporate linking facilities. Then configure these links to point to and promote your website. You will need to apply html coding in order to create links on your website. This is one method of building ‘back links’ and applying them. You will need to learn html to build your own website. Learning html is not a frightening experience. If you are determined to succeed with SEO you need to learn how to use html. There are no shortcuts. Their are WYSIWYGS’ (‘What You See Is What You Get’) that will automatically convert normal text as you type it into html but you will still need to understand html in order to use a WYSIWYG.

As a result of your website having ‘live’ links or hyperlinks, you will have configured many of these links to point to the business you are marketing. Back linking is a critical part of search engine optimisation and by taking full advantage of those links in your website you can setup an enormous web of ‘back links’. What will this do for you? Through the process of natural organic search engine positioning, which is a fancy phrase for building ‘back links’, it will be beneficial to your business because your website will steadily climb up towards the first page on Google.

Clyde Thorburn is a successful professional search engine optimisation services specialist in Johannesburg South Africa. He will place and maintain your business website on the first page of the Google search engine. Clyde Thorburn’s search engine optimisation SEO services incorporate disciplines of search engine marketing, website traffic creation, website promotion, website marketing, website advertising, increased website traffic, search engine promotion and search engine internet marketing.

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