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Search engine optimisation tips?

Question by flexin4uk: Search engine optimisation tips?
What questions need to be answered before optimising a website?
In baby steps: how do you perform the optimisation?
How do you measure the effectiveness after optimisation?


Best answer:

Answer by raysor
Don’t know this in depth but the site needs to be well designed visually, well coded. This should aid human and robot navigation. The code should be W3C compliant and should work in all the different browsers. This is mainly about navigation. A person visiting should not get lost. A robot must be able to read the whole site and not get stuck on broken links, Flash etc.
Optimisation effectiveness is measured by improved placement in the Search engines and more visitors (use or similar) See
The next thing after SEO is content (interesting and unique) and links (reciprocal) to other GOOD, relevant sites.
The other thing is try to look at your site objectively. Say you were visiting the site yourself: Is it interesting? Do you want to read items? Do you want to go to other pages? This is what you want BEFORE you even start to think about monetising it.

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