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Sharing Personalized Dashboards using the Analytics API

Web agencies often rely on Excel and Word to create analytics reports for clients. It’s a manual process that involves a lot of copy and pasting. Yet an agency’s main value-add isn’t report creation, but analyzing data and providing key findings and recommendations to clients. And while Google Analytics provides the tools to slice and dice the data, many web agencies also want to present clients with personalized reports, complete with the agency’s logo. And they want to be able to deliver and share reports without requiring users to log in, especially in large organizations where report distribution can become an onerous administrative process.

DashThis addresses these challenges with dashboards that combine simple automatic reporting with accessibility. Agencies spend less time creating reports and more time analyzing. Using the Google Analytics API, DashThis imports the client’s data and updates a set of dashboards with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a specific job function or industry. The agency can also request a set of custom dashboards that meet exact specifications and requirements.

Alerts and warnings can be set to notify managers of changes in KPIs via email. All this is accomplished securely and without requiring the user to log in. There is also a white-label option for additional branding requirements demanded by agencies.

According to Kari Harju, CEO of SalesLion, an SEO and conversion agency in Helsinki, Finland. “Customers do not always understand how to read the results from web analytics products and see a tangible return on their investments. It’s hard to show them without time consuming meetings. SalesLion opted for a custom dashboard to meet the needs of their clients. As a result of using DashThis, our clients now have a simple and easy way to understand what’s going on with their web properties as it relates to their KPIs”. SalesLion eliminated most of the reporting work, leaving more time to analyze, highlight key findings, and make actionable recommendations to clients.

DashThis was built by Trimali Technologies and uses the Google Analytics API. Stéphane Guérin, CEO describes DashThis’ experience with the Google Analytics API and the response from customers, “The API is really simple to use but extremely powerful. It allows developers to add even more value on a great tool such as Google Analytics. We’ve been able to develop strong business relationships with agencies and we’re proud to have made a tool that is useful for professionals. By opening the platform, Google Analytics allows smaller companies like ours to flourish in a rich eco-system.”

DashThis can be found in the Google Analytics App Gallery and on the DashThis website.
If you’re interested in developing solutions for the Google Analytics platform, visit Google Analytics Developers.

Posted by Pete Frisella, Google Analytics API Team

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