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Specific recommendations for individual ad units

We recently posted about personalized optimization tips you can receive via email or directly in your AdSense account. Today we’d like to introduce another form of optimization tips that we’ll be rolling out over the next several weeks. These recommendations will show you how to make changes to your AdSense for Content ad unit type or format setting directly in your account in order to earn more.

To generate these new types of notifications, we use our technology to simulate the ad auction for a specific ad unit using different ad type and/or ad format settings. If our simulation shows that any of these changed settings consistently result in higher revenue for that ad unit, we’ll show a recommendation in your account. Please note that these simulations will not affect your live traffic or earnings, and you’ll only see a recommendation if our simulated auction demonstrated increased revenue for your account.

The recommendations are visible on the “Home” tab of your AdSense account so implementing a recommendation is quick and easy.

For ad type recommendations, simply click the “Do this now” button and your ad unit type will be automatically updated.

For ad format recommendations, clicking the “Create this unit” button will create a new ad unit of the recommended ad format on the “My ads” tab. To complete the implementation, replace the current ad unit code in your webpage(s) with the newly created ad unit code.

With multiple methods of bringing performance suggestions to you, we hope to help you simplify your ad management and maximize your ad revenue. For more information on personalized recommendations, please visit our Help Center.

Posted by Gregory Block, AdSense Engineering

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