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Ten interesting digital stats we’ve seen this week

Here’s a round up of digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week. 

Topics include connected TV, mobile email, social media customer service, QR codes and Angry Birds… 

TV and Twitter

  • 20th Century Fox’s Channel 4 Prometheus campaign reached more than 15m Twitter users
  • There was a spike in activity on Sunday night, peaking at more than 4,000 tweets, and the hashtag was trending for a brief period.

Connected TV

  • Only 7% of British adults have used a connected TV to go online.
  • According to stats from Kantar, just 17% of British adults own an internet ready TV set and more than a third (36%) of respondents said they did not see the point in going online through a TV set.
  • More stats on this in our Connected TV Smart Pack.

Angry Birds

  • Rovio’s Angry Birds Space has become the fastest-growing mobile game ever, surpassing 50m downloads in its first 35 days.

Fashion retailers and organic search

  • ASOS is performing better than its fashion rivals in the SERPs, according to stats from I Spy Marketing
  • The etailer appeared in the top ten for 66 out of 72 generic fashion search terms in Google. 
  • Amazon was the second best performing retailer, followed by Debenhams.


  • The use of the rel=author markup for enhanced listings in Google’s SERPs is growing, with 13% of searches now showing author images in the top 100 results. 
  • This compares to 17% of search results with author markup in the US, according to Searchmetrics stats

Online recommendations

  • Online recommendations are now considered to be more important than traditional word-of-mouth, according to a survey by Eccomplished.
  • Almost a third (31%) of respondents said they had read an online review before making a purchase, compared to 23% who asked for advice from friends and family.


On-demand TV

  • A quarter of the British population (26%) spend more time watching on-demand TV content than traditional linear TV, according to a new study by YouGov.
  • The trend is highest among respondents aged 18-24, with 41% of this demographic watching a majority of on-demand content compared to 15% of people aged 55 or older.

Mobile email

  • According to stats from Return Path, 88% of mobile users check email on their phones daily.
  • 63% of Americans and 41% of Europeans would close or delete an email not optimised for their mobile device. 

Social media and customer service

  • Consumers who have used social media for customer service are more likely to share their experiences than the average, according to an American Express study.
  • 55% abandoned a purchase last year thanks to poor customer service. 
  • People who have used social media for customer service are willing to spend substantially more (21%) with companies that provide good service, compared to 13% for the general population.

QR codes

  • Twice as many German consumers are using QR codes as those in the UK counterparts, according to stats from SKOPOS quoted in Internet Retailing
  • It found that 24% of Germans have scanned a QR code, while the UK figure is 12%.   
  • However, QR codes often disappoint, with 75% saying that the experience is often poor. 

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