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The Ugly Truth About Your Beautiful Adsense Tactics

The Ugly Truth About Your Beautiful Adsense Tactics

The internet is abuzz over Google’s Adsense program. Fortunes are being made by those savvy enough to understand how to use it to their fullest advantage. Everyone is looking for the best ways to exploit this massive advertising program, and there are literally hundreds of Adsense “experts” willing to sell you tips and hints on how to earn a healthy income with the program.

For those unfamiliar with Adsense, a brief overview may be in order. Google allows advertisers to place bids on keywords of their choice as part of what is termed the Adwords program. The amount paid for advertising related to each keyword is determined by this bidding process and can get relatively high for fairly competitive keywords. Very competitive terms can cost a great deal of money. The advertisements appear on the top of Google search engine searches (you have probably noticed them in shaded areas and along the right side of your own search results). These advertisements are also inserted into the web pages of those who participate in Google Adsense. Every time someone clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser is charged for the click. The proceeds are then split between Google and the Adsense participant.

Basically, Google is willing to pay those with content-rich websites to host these advertisements. The site operator, known as the publisher, merely needs to insert some simple and customizable HTML code on their site and ads will “automatically appear.” To make matters easier, the ads are contextual in nature. Google “reads” the publisher’s page and serves up advertisements related to the subject matter of the page.

Adsense was immediately seen as a way webmasters could earn some extra money from their content-rich pages that were not otherwise producing tangible financial benefits. Any subject matter for which ads exist (and ads are available on almost every keyword) could conceivably generate some profit that otherwise would not exist.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that this approach merely scratched the surface of Google Adsense’s potential bounty. Soon, webmasters determined that sites rich in content directly related to the highest paying keywords could generate significant profits with each and every click. With the high cost of competitive keywords, it was possible to earn several hundred dollars from a single Adsense-carrying page from only a handful of clicks.

Other publishers determined that finding underserved keywords that still generated significant per click revenue could also produce amazing results. A quality high paying “niche” Adsense site could be a significant source of revenue.

Today, Google Adsense continues to grow in popularity. Advertisers love the arrangement, as they now have an army of webmasters designing sites that will eventually lead to pre-qualified prospects being led to their commercial endeavors. Adsense publishers love the idea of creating sites that can generate revenue without requiring a product to sell. Adsense continues to create awesome income opportunities for those who know how to best use it.

As noted, there are a variety of so-called “experts” offering tips and hints to help increase Adsense revenues. Some focus on on-page design and other similar means of increasing “click through rate (CTR).” Others focus entirely on how to produce hundreds of sites quickly and easily in hopes of creating income through volume. Sometimes there seem to be as many expert Adsense systems as there are actual sites featuring Google’s ads.

Those who initially took this “spare change” opportunity and transformed it into a true moneymaker, however, uncovered the key to success with Adsense. The key to success is finding the right keywords and determining how to best exploit them.

It’s not too hard to guess what kinds of keywords are generating decent payouts. Medical terms and keywords related to multi-million dollar lawsuits, for instance, are universally known to be bring high amounts per click. At one time, the internet was crackling with news of how the keyword “mesothelioma” and related terms were earning nearly a hundred dollars or more per click. That’s right…Per click. Ten “mesothelioma” clicks in a day could conceivably put one thousand dollars in the pocket of a publisher.

Of course, once word leaked out, “mesothelioma” sites sprung up everywhere. Adsense experts and newbies alike engaged in heated competition for the elusive “mesothelioma” clicks and their attendant profits. Soon, it became increasingly difficult to get traffic to a “mesothelioma” site. There was simply so much competition.

The story of how a form of lung cancer took Adsense by storm is important to understand, because it teaches a fundamental lesson about the nature of succeeding with the program. You not only need to know what words are making money with each click. You need to know that information before everyone else does, too.

That is why keyword research is the most important aspect of successful Adsense use. By understanding which words are paying the most at any given time, you can position yourself in those key niches before the onslaught, allowing you to garner considerable profit in a relatively short period of time.

Adsense keyword research can be performed manually by anyone willing to invest the time. By creating a separate Adwords account, one can take on the role of an advertiser and see what it would cost to advertise for particular keywords. This will give one an idea of how much each click to an advertisement is likely worth. They can then analyze the competition for that keyword to see if the market is too saturated or not. They can also use any number of services to generate a list of related terms to check and see if there are any veins that are particularly underserved in terms of “perfect match” traffic. After they discover a high-paying word with an accessible market, they can use the information to make more money with Adsense.

There is, however, a problem or two with this technique. Initially, one may have to take hundreds of stabs at finding a keyword that matches all of the necessary prerequisites for success before they are even able to discover which keywords are really high paying. Then, they must hope that keyword is not already over-served on the net, so that they can hope to profit from their Adsense site. If it turns out that the high-paying word they discovered is already being served by hordes of other Adsense users, they must go back to square one and start the process over again.

The process is cumbersome, time-consuming and absent a stroke of luck may never produce real results. What a potentially profitable Adsense publisher really needs is a way to quickly and easily determine how much a click is worth for virtually any keyword at an instant. To make matters even more convenient, they must also be able to immediately ascertain the popularity of the term with respect to how many people are seeking information on the keyword.

Fortunately, this alternative is now available and it is really the best way to profit from Google Adsense. has automated the process of finding winning keywords and can provide users with all of the information they need to choose the best niches and keywords to attack. provides a comprehensive up-to-date look at which words are generating the most money per click. At the same time, it reveals just how many people are actually searching for the keywords in questions. Even more impressively, it takes an extra step and allows users to look for related keywords in order to find the best ways to custom tailor sites to produce maximum Adsense revenue.

This kind of information is in high demand for a reason–it is the one way to produce the best possible results. If one performs a search on a term like “high paying Adsense keywords,” they will quickly understand how coveted information like this really is. You’ll find forum posters begging for information on which words are hot. You will find old lists of various higher-paying words that are still relied upon by some desperate for direction even though the lists are now old and of little real utility. Everyone wants to know which words pay the most. answers the question with an intuitively structured system that provides both keyword values and essential search pattern information.

If you just want to put some Adsense ads up on an existing site and hope to earn a few cents per day, is not for you. However, if you are interested in discovering which keywords can really offer the most profit potential in order to help direct your site-building and site optimization plans, it is the perfect service. You know the big money clicks are out there somewhere. History shows us all that those who find them early and make their move can produce massive profits. You just need a tool to help you find the right terms. gives you the tools and makes them very easy to use.

Ben Shaffer is the owner and chief-developer of the popular site . He also spends a huge amount of time managing his Adsense sites portfolio. If there is something to know about Adsense, then Ben Shaffer probably knows about it!

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