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Top UK Internet Marketing Blogs 2012

UK Internet Marketing BlogsLast year we ran a poll to identify the top Internet Marketing blogs in the UK which ended up getting a little spicy.  There were over 3,000 votes cast (both human and bot) plus a ton of lively discussion (60+ comments). Many long time online marketing folks know of our famous BIGLIST of SEO blogs and so there was a lot of awareness and interest in getting on the UK list.

A lot has changed in the past year so I think it’s worth revisiting that list.

Blogs continue to represent highly effective content hubs for integrated SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing programs for all kinds of companies and industries, not just internet marketing. I’ve traveled to the UK many times and between my discussions with practitioners at conferences and the clients TopRank has in London, it’s clear that while there are many amazingly talented internet marketers in the UK, many companies are not as progressive in their approach.

Blogs are a great way to draw attention to solving that disparity and I’d like to draw attention to these useful internet marketing blogs covering everything from SEO to Social to Analytics to the intersection with other marketing channels.

Here’s that list of 35 UK internet marketing blogs below, organized alphabetically, for your consideration and comment.

Are these still the top blogs on digital marketing topics for the UK? What would you add? Which would you take out? This post is also an open invite for the authors of these blogs to do a review of Optimize.

I will be in the UK again next week 4/18 at the ionSearch conference in Leeds, which has a great line up of speakers ranging from Matt Bush of Google to Kevin Gibbons of SEOptimise to Ralph Tegtmeier of, well, if you have to ask it’s better that maybe you don’t know :)

Dave Snyder from the U.S. will be there as well as Andy Atkins Kruger from WebCertain in York. There will be plenty of folks from Blueclaw Media, who is running the conference there as well.

At ionSearch I’ll be talking about the evolution of SEO in the form of Optimize (of course). I’d like to invite bloggers in the UK that are attending to do a review of Optimize.  We’ll feature any reviews on our book site with links and all.  To do  review of Optimize, just contact us at mail at optimizebook dot come for details.

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