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Traffic Adsense Money 3 Words That Could Change Your Life

Traffic Adsense Money 3 Words That Could Change Your Life

There are many ways to make extra money on the Internet but none I feel are as simple and automatic as Google’s AdSense program

If you’re not familiar with it, here is a quick break down of how it works. Website owners, who are looking to monetize their traffic, sign up for the AdSense program. They get paid a portion of the money Google’s receives from it’s advertisers each time someone clicks an ad on your site.

Place a bit of code on your Website pages where the AdSense ads are to appear and presto start collecting money from the traffic that clicks on your ads. Now that you know how AdSense works let’s talk about a formula to success that could change your life. It is.

Traffic + AdSense = MoneyAs simple as this formula sounds, each element has a direct impact on how much money you’ll make. Starting with traffic. It is probably the most important element of all.

Without traffic to your site, no one is going to click your ads I know what you’re thinking, “If I knew how to generate traffic I wouldn’t need…” There’s an old saying “it takes money to make money”. Well in our case it takes traffic to make money.

4 Proven Methods To Drive Traffic To Your Website!

Need Traffic? Try these free or low cost traffic-generating tips. Some are easy to implement while others take a little more effort on your part.

Use a signature file. In every email you send include a link to your website at the bottom where you sign your name.
Visit and participate in forums related to your website. This not only delivers targeted traffic to your site but also produces important one-way back links to your site. These back links help boost your search engine rankings.
Writing Articles Write or have someone else write articles related to your website. Then submit them to article directories. Theses articles will also include a link to your website. This is an often overlooked but very good way to generate traffic.
Capturing Email Addresses This is by far the most effective and lucrative way to generate traffic to your site. The direct result is the increase in the amount of AdSense money you earn. This does take some effort on your part but believe me it will definitely be worth it. The first thing you need to do is sign up with an auto responder service like Aweber. They will handle all of the administrative and technical aspects of capturing your visitors email addresses. They will also deliver via email your articles or other content you provide. After you get a few sign ups and some articles written, send an email to your subscribers with a short description of what your article is about. Include a link to the web page where the full article is located. Of course you’ll have a few strategically placed AdSense ads there just waiting to make you money.

Warning Checking Your AdSense Stats Is Addictive!

Yes it is true! At first you’ll check to see If you made any money. Then you’ll check to see how much money you made. I bet you’ll check your AdSense earnings 5-10 times a day. I have to admit I still check my account a couple times a day too! What I want to teach you is not to see if, or how much AdSense money your have made, but how to maximize the earnings from the traffic you have. This is where the AdSense element of our life changing formula comes into play.

Does Your AdSense Pot Of Gold Have A Hole In It?

Without knowing it, you could be losing a tremendous amount of AdSense money. Have you ever heard the principle of “never leaving money on the negotiating table”? It refers to a negotiator who has failed to extract all of the money due him even though it was clearly there for the taking. There is nothing worse that hearing, “now that you signed the contract we were really willing to pay you more”

This principle hold true with AdSense too! You’re not going to extract all the money available to you, by simply putting AdSense ads on your site and forgetting about them. The money is there you just have to do every thing you can to extract it. So in order get the most amount of money you can from AdSense you need to know which ad formats and placements produce the best click through rate. There are approximately 11 ad formats and an unlimited number of colors combinations to choose from.

In general it is best to blend in the ads using you existing colors and layout of your website. It your ads look like ads people won’t want to click on them. I’ve had good success using the 336 x 280 large rectangle ad and wrapping my content around it.

Tracking my ads is something I wish I had learned early on. It wasn’t until I purchase some AdSense courses and starting following a few forums did I realize just how important it is

I recommend getting some sort of AdSense tracking software. Google provides tracking data but in order to take your earnings to the next level you need more information than they provide.

Money: The 3rd element of our Life Changing Formula

With AdSense your earning potential is only limited by the amount of traffic you receive and your click through rate. But there is one more way to make more AdSense money. You must optimize your content and articles around high paying keywords. It will take some research on your part but it could make the difference between getting a dollar per click or just a few cents per click.

Here is what I mean Google uses smart technology to make sure that ads are targeted to the subject matter of your site. Say your site is about Burglar Alarms. Advertisers may pay approximately 2.99 per click to Google to advertise under the keyword phrase burglar alarm

But if they wanted to advertise using the keyword phrase home security systems they pay approximately $ 5 per click to Google. Now both of these keyword phrases are commonly understood to mean the same thing. It only makes sense that your share of the revenue would be higher if you targeted the keyword phrase home security systems rather than burglar alarms in your website content.

Because Google is so secret about their methods in determining bid prices and payouts, this example is not meant to be 100 percent accurate. It does show however that the keyword phrases you target have a direct impact on the amount of AdSense money you earn.

In the beginning of this article I gave you a formula that could change your life. I’ve given you practical traffic generating tips and ways to maximize your earnings. Now I want to leave you with a few thoughts to tie it all together

You can make decent money adding AdSense to a single site. But why stop there. Why not build 20 or more sites. What if each one of your sites averaged a conservative 3 dollars a day. That’s $ 600 extra dollars a month. I don’t know about you but that kind of money is life changing to most people. Even more gratifying is helping change the life of someone else.

Whether you’re new to AdSense or have been at it a while you can always learn more. As a matter of fact I’ve learned quite a bit from a very successful marketer who makes more than $ 19,000 a month from his AdSense sites. He has an AdSense course called Michael Cheney’s AdSense Videos. It’s like looking of his shoulder while he reveals the exact methods he uses.

In the end it still boils down to Traffic + AdSense = Money!

Arthur Wright is a full time affiliate marketer and AdSense specialist

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