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Unbelievable Yet Common AdSense Mistakes

Unbelievable Yet Common AdSense Mistakes

Why do so many AdSense publishers fail abysmally in making money with Google AdSense? Why do so few AdSense publishers succeed in making the AdSense program work? What’s the crucial difference between failure and success?

Too many AdSense publishers make too many common AdSense mistakes. Mistakes that often result in complete AdSense failure. Some AdSense publishers are able to come back from some of the knock-backs resulting from such mistakes but many are often so demoralized or so frustrated they just throw in the towel in resignation.

There are some AdSense mistakes, however, that are so serious, that there is little to no chance of recovery. These are AdSense mistakes that get you banned from AdSense by Google. The types of mistakes committed by new AdSense publishers can range from the basically silly and naïve to mistakes that are catastrophic and irreparable.

So what are the most common AdSense mistakes? In no particular order they are:

Clicking on your own ads. Google is normally forgiving to those who click on your own ads by mistake on the very rare occasion. But there are still many cases where new publishers excessively click on their own ads in the belief that they won’t get caught… they always do and often get banned.
Tamper with Google AdSense code. This is a no-no. But this is common among the slightly smarter publisher who wants to blend AdSense ads into their site even more than Google customization options allow. Some publishers even try to make AdSense ads look like links, so that they’re mistakenly clicked by the visitors passing through their site.
Using content to encourage clicks. You can’t persuade visitors to click on AdSense ads by using aspects of your website content. But this is common practice among new AdSense publishers who are unaware of the rules. It is still relatively common to see the odd site with the title ‘our sponsors’ on a section dedicated to Google ads.
Using AdSense on sites containing plagiarised content. This is one of the commonest AdSense mistakes. Many publishers, who can’t, for one reason or another get their own content material, sometimes copy content from other sites and put AdSense ads on them. As well as clearly breaking internet copyright rules, they are also breaking Google AdSense rules.

These are only a small sample of the types of mistakes made by AdSense publishers. There are many, many more.

The underlying fact is that most AdSense mistakes can be avoided if new publishers take the time to read Google AdSense rules.

Some AdSense mistakes may get you a warning, but others may get you banned instantly. You can avoid putting yourself in a risky position with Google, by simply going to their site and reading up on all aspects of their rules and regulations relating to their Per-Pay-Click scheme.

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