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Using Social Media to Aid Rescue Animals

Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 12, 2011

Just a few weeks ago Cynthia Hamlin uploaded a video to YouTube of her dog slapping her cat in the head with its tail, the video was watched by over 100,000 viewers in just one night. Through YouTubes monetization program every time a viewer watched or clicked on an ad link within the video, Cynthia was earning a portion of the ad revenue. In just one 24 hour period the video grossed practically $ 800.

When I logged into my Google AdSense account and saw the earnings from my video approaching a thousand dollars I realized I had the opportunity to net a significant amount of money. All I had to do was dedicate a little bit of time and energy to uploading and marketing the videos, said Cynthia.

Since it was her animals providing the material needed to garner an audience she knew exactly what she would do with the money. Cynthia then created a channel on YouTube for her orange tabby cat, Luke and her beagle mix, Tally. With profits from their YouTube videos they will sponsor the transportation of animals from inhumane situations to safe places, purchase essential items for local animal shelters and provide the money to get medical care for animals that greatly need it.

Cynthia and her animals are turning to another social media outlet, Twitter ( to help promote their YouTube channel ( In an effort to increase their viewership and to continue in their support of shelter animals they are donating an item off a local animal shelters wish list for each new Twitter follower and YouTube subscriber.

Well be sure to take plenty of video and tweet all about the items we are able to donate through your support, said Cynthia.

Over the past few years social media has increasingly been used to aid animals in need. Shelters on the brink of closing have been able to collect funds and 11th hour adoptions have saved the lives of pets on death row. Social networking enables a vast amount of people to easily make a difference.

Supporting a shelter animal is only a click away; watch, like, or follow Luke and Tally. For each new follower or subscriber before December 18, 2011 animal shelters will be receiving much needed items.

About Us

Cynthia Hamlin is Resident Manager of the Essex Conference Center & Retreat in Essex, MA. She and her boyfriend, Murdock Smith, adopted Tally, a beagle mix from Save A Dog in October 2008. Shortly after they, gave a home to their orange tabby, Luke. Luke and Tally have an incredible relationship for a dog and cat which you can see in their videos. Adding to their family in 2009 they welcomed Cowboy, a tiny grey tabby into their home.

In addition to their passion for animals, Cynthia and Murdock are running the upcoming Walt Disney World Marathon January 8, 2012 and they hope to be able to run with the North Shore Animal League of Americas team at the ING NYC Marathon in October 2012. Tally has been a great running partner; she was able to participate in the Doggy 5k and Quincy Animal Shelter’s Road Race running alongside her loving owners.


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