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What Does SEO Optimisation Actually Involve?

Question by : What Does SEO Optimisation Actually Involve?
I know what SEO optimisation is…..What I am asking is that what does the process actually involve and what do SEO optimisers undertake in order to achieve rankings? If I were to hire a SEO optimiser to optimise my site, what tasks would he undertake in order to get my site on the front page?
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Answer by Boomn4x4
The short answer… he will make unimportant information look less important (or invisible all together) and more important look…well…. more important. You want the search engines spending as much time as possible on the important stuff and ignoring the unimportant stuff.

If you want a good idea of what it involves, click on “View” then “Source” in your internet browser. This will bring up a page that shows you the code… this is how the search engines see your page. You will quickly see how big of a mess that code is. The search engine needs to take all of that information and determine what is on the page and what it should index. Someone experienced in SEO can make that page look really simple to a search engine.

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