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Search Engine Optimisation Services Specialist Discusses What Is Search Engine Optimisation Part 3

Search Engine Optimisation Services Specialist Discusses What Is Search Engine Optimisation Part 3

A word of caution and warning. You can sit in a Veretekk training day in and day out. If you don’t take the leap of courage and decide to apply and use these search engine optimisation techniques for yourself first and then as an SEO services specialist, you are wasting your time here. You need to break your own ground. You have to take a chance and go out on a limb and put yourself ‘on the line’.

Every time I place information on the internet I am liable for that information. What I mean here is that I want that information to be credible, ethical, and moral and to be the ‘real thing’ that works for me and for everybody else. Another very important art here from a search engine optimisation stand point, is that you want to be very original.

You cannot copy and paste your way to fame on the internet. You most certainly cannot do this from a search engine optimisation, website marketing, website promotion, website advertising, point of view. Why can’t you do this? The Google search engine is about one thing and one thing only. Google is about good information if you want to maximise your search engine optimisation efforts.

Google is about good original ‘content’ that comes from you and is not copied or plagiarised from anybody else. I know many people who have tried to ‘copy and paste’ their way to the top of the search engines. It does not work. It will not help your search engine optimisation efforts. I repeat. It DOES NOT WORK! Built into the indexing system and algorithms of the Google search engine are mechanisms and technology that can identify this type of action immediately.

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Clyde Thorburn is a successful professional search engine optimisation services specialist in Johannesburg South Africa. He will place and maintain your business website on the first page of the Google search engine. Clyde Thorburn’s search engine optimisation SEO services incorporate disciplines of search engine marketing, website traffic creation, website promotion, website marketing, website advertising, increased website traffic, search engine promotion and search engine internet marketing.

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Periodic updates and adjustments by Google remind how it is important to DIVERSIFY. A diversified marketing program with many channels helps protect you from Google’s frequent update–and penalties. In this webinar, we talk about using social media, email, PPC and offline channels to diversify your lead flow. This webinar is part of the SEO reseller training series offered through HubShout’s white label SEO reseller program.
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