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Product Demo Videos

Product Demo Video Production

Customers who watch a product demo video are 85% more likely to buy your products and services.

What are Product Videos?

Simply put, a product video is an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of your product. Though a product video should include the features of that product, it is far more important to show the benefits and how your product solves the viewer’s problem. 

You not only demonstrate your product in a video, but you are introducing your target audience to your brand and product and beginning the lead generation process. The demo video should be included on the landing page for that product. With effective online marketing through video SEO and other on-page search engine optimisation, your product demo video will help rank higher in the search engines.

Product Demo Video Production Services London Kent UK
Product Demo Video Production Services London Kent UK

Using a Demo Video to Market Your Products

A demo video is more than just a video about your product, it:

  • shows how your product works in the real world, in a creative way
  • proves its worth and provides brand awareness
  • markets your product to its target audience

A great quality demonstration video is usually created to help promote a product at the time of launch. It can then be used as part of your social media marketing strategy to start and help traction, which in turn can help increase traffic to your website’s landing page. 

By utilising our video SEO and marketing service, we can help rank your product not only in YouTube but Google. Increasing your brand awareness and presence and helping you sell more of your products.

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Benefits of Product Demo Videos for Your Company

There are many benefits of product demonstration videos, these include:

  • Increasing landing page conversion by as much as 80%
  • Proof that the product does what it says
  • Explain the product’s main features and benefits
  • Save time and expense for sales reps
  • Introduce customers to new products using email
  • Show how to use the product
  • Provide great ROI
of people say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video. This makes video more popular as a learning tool than text-based articles (15%), infographics (4%) presentations and pitches (4%) ebooks and manuals (3%).

Need a Product Demo Video For Your Business?

Is your company or business in the South East, London, Kent, Surrey or Sussex and are considering having product demo videos created for your business or want to learn more about how a product demo video can increase your sales? Contact Blue Square Management on +44(0)1689 602 248 or fill out the contact form opposite to find out more about our product video production service and how we can help you make more sales.

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