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Reputation Management Software

Online Reputation Management Tools

Blue Square Management are a digital internet marketing agency that not only provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web design and video and YouTube marketing, but specialises in online reputation management. Helping to protect business and corporate reputation on the internet. We have an online reputation management software tool that can help protect, promote and market your business and brand’s online reputation.

Learn How To Get More 5 Star Reviews

Watch the video below to see how our Reputation Management Tool can help you get feedback from your customers and clients and build an online 5 star reputation.

Brand Management

Brand Management : What is Brand Management?

Brand management is all about maintaining, improving and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with positive results, and how that brand is perceived in the market. It involves many important factors which include cost, presentation, competition and customer satisfaction. Brand management heavily relies on a strong marketing strategy with emphasis on how that brand, whether it is product or company, has a positive feel to customers. Online reputation is a major factor in today’s brand management, and an online reputation management company like Blue Square Management is able to help your business.

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Customer Reviews : People Do Read Them

Today, if you were looking to buy a new television, camera or almost any product, what would you do…yes, that’s right, you would look at reviews of that product. If the product had a majority of positive reviews you would consider buying or adding it to your “consideration” list. If on the other hand, it had mostly poor reviews, you would no doubt disregard it and go on to the next product in your list.

Online Reputation Management
Online Brand Protection

Online Brand Protection

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, whether it is a new product (fridge, television, toy, etc), a new restaurant to try, a hotel, we would do our research and look at what people are saying about it – customers reviews are powerful!

The same is true when we are looking for a business or service, such as a plumber, electrician, builder,  hairdresser, or dentist. We may first ask family and friends, but we will still look online for customer reviews about that particular business and see what other people are saying about them and what their online reputation is like.

Do they have a 4 or 5 Star online reputation?

Good, Bad or Indifferent Online Reputation?

Here’s a question for you…

You are in need of a plumber. You look online and are presented with three plumbers.

One has 5 stars, the second plumber has only 2 stars and the third has no stars at all. Who are you most likely to contact first?

Yes, the plumber with 5 Stars! This shows how important online reputation and online reputation management and marketing of that reputation is to businesses. And Blue Square Management has a solution to that problem with our Online Reputation Management Software and marketing tool.

Online Reputation Management for Plumbers

Want To Turn Your Customer Feedback into 5 Star Reviews?

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Online Reputation Management Software Tools

Online Reputation Management Software and Marketing Tool

Our software is easy to use and helps you get feedback from your customers and clients. It helps you not only manage what people are saying about you and your business, but how other people see your reputation and brand online.

How Does the Software Tool Work?

It’s simple. Firstly, you setup an account, then within the software tool:

  • You create a business profile
  • Add information about your business, the services you provide, the opening hours, the type of payment you accept
  • Add images (including business logo), as well as Social Media, etc.

This information is used to create a mini-directory website page, where your reviews can be seen.

Social Media is very important, as this is where part of your 4/5 star feedback is posted to – Facebook, Twitter and Google.

You just follow the “Setup” menu. You can personalise and edit the email templates, but everything is in place for you to get started.

Getting Feedback From Your Clients & Customers

You can add your customers and clients into the system individually, in bulk via a CVS file, or the reputation management software allows you to integrate it with Xero, the online accounting software.

If you add your customer list in bulk you can choose to drip your feedback requests over a period of time. For example, uploading 30 contacts and selecting 10 days will drip 3 feedback requests per day for a 10 day period.

Once added, they are put into the Feedback Sequence, which will automatically send out feedback requests via email. Your customers and clients will be asked to add feedback about you and your business, including a Star Rating.

Reputation Management Software
Online Reputation Management Software Tools 2

Here is where it gets exciting! If your customer gives you and your business a 4 or 5 Star review, an image with the star rating and review is automatically posted on your Twitter and Facebook Business Page, as well as your mini-directory site.

As they gave great feedback, they are then sent a second email asking them whether they would add that review (just click, copy and paste) online to your Google page,, Yelp or wherever you would like them to post a review.

However, should they post a 3 Star or below review, it only goes back into the software, where you can follow up and rectify any problems. They are not sent a second email asking them to post online.

In both instances, you are sent an email and/or SMS text notification that you have received feedback from one of your customers or clients.

Online Reputation Management Software Tools : Features

There are many features that are included within the software, all aimed at helping to improve and market your online reputation. The tool features include:

  • Listings management and Employee performance
  • Integration with many leading software, such as Xero, Infusionsoft and many others
  • Social Media sharing with Google, Facebook and Twitter
  • Online directory integration
  • Review monitoring
  • Real time monitoring of your online reviews and reputation
  • Micro business website
Reputation Management Software Features

Do You Want To Build 5 Star Reviews About Your Business?

Do You Want To Manage What People Are Saying About Your Business?

Do You Want To Market Your Online Reputation and Get More Customers and Clients?

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    Online Reputation Management & Marketing Services

    If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then Blue Square Management can help you and your business with our online reputation management software tool. To learn more and book a demo, call us on +44 (0)1689 602 248 or request a demo by filling out the contact form below.

    What Our Clients Say

    • Paul has helped us improve our online marketing considerably. It has made a great impact on our business and I couldn’t recommend Blue Square Management more highly to any small business.

      Dr. Yaz Nafa
      Premier Orthodontics
    • We first employed Blue Square Management for his SEO services and found their professionalism and knowledge to be first class. We were looking for a web designer in Bromley or Orpington area to create a new website. Being impressed with Paul, we asked him to create the site and I believe in style and navigate it surpasses any of our competitors. He worked hard and willingly to make our ideas a reality. Our online reputation has been enhanced through Paul’s work. He is now our “go to” man as we look to increase our on-line presence.Thank you.

      John W
      Thomas Dunton Solicitors
    • We have used Paul to help boost our reviews, especially on Google+ and Facebook. Paul software makes it as simple as clicking the initial invite process and then sitting back. We now have a number of 5 star reviews on our site which is undoubtedly helping us gain more business. Thank you Paul for your hard work and advice.

      Mark S
      IT Eye Ltd

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