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Customers Loyalty : 5 Reward Scheme Ideas For Customers

5 Ways To Reward You Loyal Customers
5 Customer Loyalty Reward Program Ideas by Blue Square Management 700x418

Just imagine for a moment that you are a customer for a brand which you have supported for many years. Would you like to be rewarded in some way for such loyalty? Now think what would your customers do in return if you offered them a great reward scheme. Do you think they would tell their friends and family about you? May be even create a buzz on social media?

Below you will find an infographic on 5 ways to reward your loyal customers.

5 Customer Loyalty Program Ideas INFOGRAPHIC

5 Customer Loyalty Reward Program Ideas INFOGRAPHIC by Blue Square Management

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Customer Reward Program : Ways on How To Reward Your Customers

1. Offer Discount Or Rebate On Products

In order to reward their supportive purchases you can offer your customers discounts on selected items. Besides, you can offer them higher discount rates than the normal rate so that they can truly enjoy the benefits as loyal customers. Helping them to save money makes them happy and thus triggers their interest to make more purchases from you in the future!

2. Celebrate Their Special Days

Offer free gifts or higher discount rates for your customers when they make purchases on their birthday month or other special days such as mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas, etc. Your little act can make them feel exceptional on their special month. In addition, your credibility and reputation can be enhanced through your generous act. Their return rate is guaranteed!

3. Loyalty Card Scheme

Offering a loyalty card to your customers is a conventional yet effective way to reward them. This also encourages them to spend their accumulated points to make another purchase from you again. So in order to gain loyal points, your customers could have possibly made more purchases from you in order to accumulate points and enjoy spending it.

4. Exclusive Products

Another way to reward your customers is to offer them exclusive products which cannot be found in the market or cannot be purchased as a non-member. This is to make your loyal customers feel that they are special by becoming your loyal member.

5. Give Away Free Items With Multiple Purchases

Who doesn’t love freebies? Same goes to your customers. You can increase their shopping desire by offering them free items with multiple purchases or a minimum purchase amount. As for the free gift, you may reward them with the items which are only available in your store.

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