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Why Mobile

Why Mobile is Important for Your Business

Mobile Website Design Desktop Mobile Comaprison

For the business owner to be competitive, they must be mindful of some current consumer indicators:

  • In the UK, 40% of people own a smartphone, increasing to 68% within the next upgrade cycle
  • 94% of smartphone users have searched for local info
  • 70% called a business after searching
  • 66% visited the business in person
  • 90% of these consumers acted within 24 hours

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There are more internet-connected mobile devices than there are desktop and laptops combined. 

If the stats alone aren’t enough to convince you to take the plunge and start getting your business ready for the mobile revolution, it may be because you think that this is just some new fad that will go away once the novelty wears off. Unfortunately that is what many businesses thought about the internet when it initially started to become a favorite place for businesses and consumers to shop through. This left them behind the times and many of them are still struggling to catch up because technology is not slowing down. If you don’t get started, you will get left behind and your competitors will reap the rewards. Do not let that happen. Your business needs a mobile website!

Mobile Phone marketing Smartphone Usage

Mobile marketing is proving to be more effective than any other marketing techniques ever used:

  • 91% of mobile users have their devices with them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Or it could be how easy it is for them to quickly click on whatever catches their eye.
  • Mobile coupon codes for example have a 10% higher redemption rate than any other coupon types
  • 90% of mobile users take some sort of action on marketing opportunities.
  • 70% of those take action within the first hour.

Those are some staggering statistics and are some important reasons why your business needs to start to focus on how to gain benefit from the mobile market. The return on investment is much better due to specific types of geo-targeting and being able to create specific marketing strategies that will be exposed to the right demographic of potential new customers.

Check out the following link to have your Mobile Websites FAQs answered.

Why Mobile Website Design Is Important

The majority of websites are designed to be viewed on larger desktop computer screens or laptops and they are not designed to be seen on a smaller mobile phone screen. That’s why if a website does not have a mobile version, you only see part of the website, or it is scaled down in size so you then have to “pinch” and “stretch” with your fingers to zoom in. You may also find that some of the functions of the desktop website do not work on a mobile phone.

A mobile website is specifically built for mobile devices and will benefit from:

  • Faster loading times
  • Make your business more easily found
  • Call-to-call technology.

Does Your Business Need A Mobile Website?

If your business needs a mobile website, check out Mobile Website Design,call 01689 602 248 or email for more information.


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