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Everyone needs a tagline: welcome to the age of micro-celebrity.

In the age of Personal Branding, or Micro-Celebrity, quickly giving visitors to your profiles an all important nugget about who you are is very important. 

Okay, I admit it, coming from a tagline professional like me, that headline might sound just a tad self-serving, and maybe it is, but there’s more than a shred of truth in the statement too.

Love it or hate it, the fact is that social media has ushered in the ‘Age of The Micro-Celebrity’. Every journalist, every entrepreneur, every wannabe journalist and every wannabe entrepreneur, along with every publicist, agent, marketer, consultant, personal chef and plastic surgeon has a public profile or two. Or six.

Some call it “Personal Branding” although “Micro-Celebrity is funnier, and more accurate. But whatever one calls it, marketed narcissism is definitely here to stay.

We’ve all got blogs, and Facebook profiles or Fan pages, multiple Twitter streams, YouTube Channels, Posterous, and Tumblr. Some of us still stick with the quaint old timers like Foursquare and Gowalla. Hell, some of us are even on Google Buzz, although that does seem a little extreme.

You see the same eager, happy faces everywhere you travel on the internet, all of them techy early adopters with healthy follower heavy profiles and literally thousands of ‘friends’ (most of whom are other eager early adopters like themselves). 

They all want to get paid to speak about their micro-celeb success, and to make sure you know that they’re really important, many of them have avatars of them looking earnest during the presentations they give on how to be as successful as they are.

In all seriousness, there’s even a site where micro-celebrities can assemble all their various feeds and streams beside a big old picture of themselves looking fabulous in their own uniquely fabulous ways.

Without a shred of irony, it’s called, and it’ll even tell you how often people are visiting your various online channels to find out more about the fabulous online you.

But the challenge for all of us mere mortals is this; there are simply so many micro-celebs it’s getting hard to know which ones to truly celebrate and which ones to keep in the “Who dat?” file. Call it the curse of Micro-Celebrity.

No self-respecting Micro-celeb wants to end up in the Land of the Anonymous so he or she needs a good differentiator that’ll define them in the four seconds they get to impress an online visitor.

That’s where a good tagline comes in.

In Hollywood you get “twenty-five words or less” to tell bored execs what they need to know about your story. What makes it new, sexy and different?

“It’s Avatar meets Black Swan meets Transfomers.” Get it now?

Well, personal brands need their log lines too, or in this case taglines.

Imagine a line under your name on your profile or personal blog or Twitter Stream (etc etc etc etc)  that tells the visitor quickly, succinctly, and memorably what they want to know about you. Or in other words, give them the takeaway on you as soon as they arrive and visitors might just stick around, and follow you.

Of course, the line has to be real good. If the tag is too self-glorifying and bombastic that’s a switch off, too understated and it won’t get noticed, while being boring, cliched and not particularly funny are all bad news too.

In short, the slug has to be just right to sum up the real or not-so-real you behind your fab-tastic Micro-Celeb avatar. Not easy to do that when you’re already real tired out from being so awesome all the time.

The line would be perched nicely under your name (in the character-filled logo of your choice), on every personal branding channel you got going. I’m waiting for to add a “Describe yourself in five words or less.”

If they do, I’ll be happy to help any self-respecting Micro-Celeb find their tagline. If I’m lucky all the exposure will make me a Micro-Celebrity too.

Next week i’ll post some tips on “Personal Branding Taglines”. 

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