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Larry Page of Google Interviewed By Fortune

The Future Of Google As Told By Larry Page

Larry Page GoogleI just come across this interesting article on Fortune who had an exclusive interview with Larry Page , Google CEO. (Original article here)

Larry Page also talks about:

  • Mobile search and monetisation – Is your business website mobile friendly? Don’t know, you find out with our¬†Mobile Website Checker
  • Google Plus
  • Google’s competition
  • His role as CEO

Fortune: “Web search is going through a pretty significant transformation with things like the Knowledge Graph, Google Now, mobile. What do you think search should be able to do? Are things that we see today that point us to where it’s going to be five, ten years from now?”

Larry Page: “I’ve been saying the same thing about search in some sense for ten years or so. The perfect search engine would really understand whatever your need is. It would understand everything in the world deeply, give you back kind of exactly what you need.”

I think some of the things we’re going to do with shopping are also related to that. In shopping we switched to more of a bid model. Part of that’s just to make sure we get the information to better structure it, and we have really accurate information that we could give to you. Because obviously if you’re buying something, it is a commercial transaction.

(Original article here)