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Best Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends 2020 by Blue Square Management

Digital marketing has evolved over the last few years and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) land changed beyond all recognition. Strategies and tactics that worked previously do not work now and can even get your website penalised by the search engines.

So, below, you will find an infographic that shows the Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020.

Digital Marketing Trends Infographic 2020

Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends 2020 Infographic by Blue Square Management

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 That Matter Most

Brand Mentions

In 2020, link building is still a major factor in Google’s algorithm, and that is not going to change soon. However, what has changed is how search engines, such as Google, now reads backlinks. They now analyse the page content of where the back link comes from and considers the relevancy of the content and how popular that piece of content is in terms of the amount it has been shared on social media.

Keep it Conversational

Google now understands how words and phrase relate to each other. You no longer should be concentrating on creating single web pages targeting just one keyword or phrase. You should be including synonyms, variations, and related key terms in order to help your search engine rankings for those particular keywords. For example, public relations = PR, hype, image management, marketing, promotions, propaganda.

Voice Search

Google is very much looking at conversational or voice search, especially on mobile search, as more and more people use their smartphones to search for things. Read through your website and make sure that it is well written and does not sound like it was written by a robot.

Local SEO

If you have a local business, whether that be a shop or you provide a service, local SEO is a vital search engine optimisation strategy that you must include. You must make sure that your local listings in online directories, such as, Yelp, Bing , Google My Business, are firstly accurate, but secondly, consistent with regards to your Name, Address Phone Number, aka NAP. For example, do some directories have “Street” while others have you listed as “St”. This inconsistency can damage your business’ trust and authority in the eyes of the search engines.

Mobile Optimised

Having a mobile optimised website cannot be ignored as it is now part of Google’s algorithm, and you search engine rankings will suffer. Google now has mobile first indexing. Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. In order to keep Google happy, your website should be of a responsive design, which means it changes shape and size to fit the device it is being viewed on. A single site is much better than having a desktop version plus a mobile website.

Website Speed

Website speed goes hand-in-hand with be mobile friendly … it’s all about the loading speed of your website. If your website is slow in loading, you visitors are most likely to click the back button and go to your competition. Even if you have a responsive web design, your site can still be slow. Make sure images are optimised properly. You can check your website’s speed with Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool : Just add your web page url and it will tell you how it is performing on both mobile and desktop.

Content is King

Relevant, quality content is a vital part for any successful SEO strategy, especially when it comes to content marketing. You should be creating quality content that is aimed towards your target audience and is both informative and engaging. Today, long form content generally ranks much higher than short form. Try to make your posts about a related subject as in depth as it can be. Include images, graphs and videos.

Quality Inbound Links

As mentioned previously, inbound links have always been part of Google’s ranking algorithm and it is still a core element of any SEO strategy. But now, you must make sure that the links are coming from authoritative sources that are about your niche or industry.

Video Marketing

In today’s world of social media and online shopping, over 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video (Wyzowl). This is why online video marketing is an essential strategy to not only increase rankings but boosts web visitors and can help you get more customers and sell more products or services.

An image tells a thousand words but a video tells your story.

Video is an extremely effective way to market and educate your potential customers about your products or services. Research what questions people are asking about your industry or niche and create a video answering those questions. A great resource is Answer The Public  – just type in your main keyword, such as “plumber” and find out the questions your potential customers are asking. Another alternative is to create “how to” videos on solving problems you customers have.

Visual Based SEO

As mentioned in “Content is King” high quality content with embedded media, such as images, graphics and videos are top ranking factors in 2020. This is highly unlikely to change.

Social Signals

For a time now, it has been known that social signals have a positive impact on search engine rankings, as well as creating relationships with your customers and building brand awareness. However, it is not just about you sharing your content on Facebook and Twitter, it goes much further than that. It is about engaging with your customers and followers. Create conversions, ask them questions. Add social share buttons on your website so your content can be easily shared on social media by your visitors.


Remarketing is an affordable type of paid advertising where you create a retargeting campaign in such platforms as Google Ads or Facebook and retarget people that have, for example, already visited your website but did not take any action, such as buy a product or fill out a contact form, image ads or videos.

No More Errors

Errors on your website can damage your search engine rankings. Run website audits to check that you do not have any missing pages or content. The most common error is the 404 Page Not Found. A simple 301 redirect can solve this – for example, redirect old or missing content to new or related page.

Click Bait

Do not trick your visitors with click bait. Click bait is content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page. Do not promise something and then do not deliver on that promise.

Negative SEO

If your website has links from bad sources or you are taking part in manipulative link building tactics, such as paid links, Google may very well add a penalty against your website. These penalties will have a detrimental effect on your Google rankings. You can check your Google Search Console for any penalties.

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