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What we’ve been reading this week: APAC edition

Finally, it’s the end of the week. But what have we been reading and sharing around the office? Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention.

Pop back later to see what our UK and US offices have being checking out as well.



The Australian Government DBCDE media convergence report 

The Federal Government has released the final report from its convergence review of media regulation – and calls for the existing ACMA regulatory body to be scrapped, suggests that the current regulation for print and broadcast is outdated and highlights that Australians want to see diversity in media ownership, content standards. 

Originally published 30-Apr-12

China: Can You Afford to Ignore the ‘Other Internet?’

In many respects, China’s Internet growth connects it to the rest of the world. The Chinese exhibit the same insatiable appetite for social media as the rest of us, building on a longstanding Chinese tradition of valuing connectedness. And, just as mobile Internet use grows across the globe, it’s skyrocketing within China. 

Originally published 30-Apr-12

Case Study: Using voice activation to get Koreans drinking more Dunkin’ Donuts coffee

How one agency got consumers to drink more Dunkin Donuts coffee – and memorise the brand’s message – with a voice-activated coupon.

Originally published 03-May-12

The New Zealand Media Landscape

Many highlight 2011 as a strange year for the media market in NZ – and it was initially expected 2012 to be tough, with industry insiders describing the media landscape as fraught with uncertainty at the start of the year… 

Originally published 26-Apr-12

Burberry makes it rain in Taipei 

Taking the phrase “grand opening” to the next level, Burberry created a digitally immersive experience complete with a 360° film to launch its newest store in Taipei, Taiwan.

Originally published 27-Apr-12

Mobile Internet to exceed PC access in India by the end of this year

Use of the mobile Web is set to overtake fixed-line Internet in India by the end of the year, as the country’s mobile revolution continues at full speed.

Originally published 03-May-12

Battle for the internet 

Over seven days, the Guardian took stock of the new battlegrounds of the internet. From states stifling dissent to the new cyberwar front line, the challenges facing the dream of an open internet were explored in-depth. 

Originally published 22-Apr-12

US Report: 99% of music downloads in China are pirated

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has released a report highlighting areas of concern where intellectual property rights – or, loosely, copyright – infringements “unfairly disadvantage U.S. rights holders in China” and around the world. It slams illegal IP abuse in many forms in China, from pirated digital downloads to fake toys and trade secrets.

Originally published 02-May-12

The golden ratio otherwise known as Feng Shui

Where Feng Shui is an Eastern approach to harmony and balance, the West applies a mathematical and numeral approach to measure the same thing.  The Golden Ratio is one of the precepts that shares similar principles and objectives as Feng Shui. 

Originally published 25-Apr-12

Could teenagers be stopped from looking at porn?

The Government is warning that it’s too easy for children to watch online pornography. But could the internet be regulated to protect children? And should it?

Originally published 26-Apr-12

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