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Discover 5 Ways on How To Promote Your Local Business

How to market your business locally
5 Local Marketing Statistics Affecting Your Business Right Now 1200x628

As a local business owner promoting and marketing your business is vital for business growth. You should be targeting those potential customers, clients or patients that are local to you or within the area that you provide products or services. 

In the following infographic you will discover 5 local marketing statistics that are affecting your business right now.

Local Marketing Infographic

Tips on how to grow your small business with marketing
5 Local Marketing Statistics Affecting Your Business Right Now INFOGRAPHIC

1. Customers Want to Read Your Emails on Mobile Devices

According to SmallBizTrends, 60% of all consumers say that email is their preferred method for receiving information from their favourite companies and brands. What that means is starting now, you should be optimizing every email you send for mobile users.

Nobody wants to have to squint to read your content or scroll horizontally to read a sentence. Local business can benefit from having an email list, but only if they use it in a way that makes sense for their customers.

2. Customers Prefer Personalized Advertising to Generic Advertising

71% of all consumers say that they prefer marketing and advertising that has been tailored to their personal preferences. In other words, personalization is a must.

One way to accomplish that last item is to allow your followers to subscribe to targeted emails or newsletters. List segmentation has never been easier, and you’re far more likely to get a high return on your investment if you send emails only to those customers who want to receive them.

3. Customers Want to Contact You on Social Media for Support

Research shows that customers both want and expect to be able to receive customer service on social media. In fact, over 37% of consumers expect to get a response to a customer service question within 30 minutes of asking, and fully 40% expect a response within an hour.

The key to meeting customer expectations in this regard is to have a dedicated customer service team to monitor your social media comments and messages. Facebook, for example, rewards businesses who respond quickly to comments and messages by displaying a trust icon on their home page.

4. Online Reviews Are the Key to Engaging Millennials

A Hubspot study found that 71% of people are more likely to make a purchase online if the product or service comes recommended by others., both from their social media contacts and from strangers, when they make purchasing decisions.

The more active and engaged you are with the people who review your business, the better off you’ll be.

5. Social Media Is Catching up with Search Engines

Millions of people turn to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter when they wanted information. You’re probably already using social media as part of your marketing strategy, but you may not realize just how important and influential it has become.

You can increase your engagement by doing things like including images in your ads (more than 75% of an ad’s influence on Facebook is determined by the images used) and adding captioning to your videos since many users watch videos with the sound off.

These statistics point to ways that local businesses can increase their influence and maximize the return on their marketing investment in the coming year.

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