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Digital Marketing News Issue 57

Digital Marketing Magazine iSquare Issue 57

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How to market & promote your business locally

FREE Online Marketing Magazine To Help Small Businesses #57

Blue Square Management are pleased to announce the publication of issue 57 of our free online digital marketing magazine iSquare : The Online Marketing Guide For Small Business, where you can get the latest digital marketing news to help grow your business.

In issue #57, we discuss:

  • 5 Factors to a Successful Local Marketing Strategy
  • Why Your Website Has Low Conversions
  • Why Direct Mail is Still So Effective
  • 21 Free Ways to Promote Your Business (that Work)
Digital Marketing Magazine iSquare Issue 57

Free Marketing Ideas and Tips

Discover How To Promote My Business Online For Free

5 Factors to a Successful Local Marketing Strategy

Want to succeed in today’s internet age? As consumers are king in the retail world and content is king in the online world, you must ensure your web content promotes your business locally and attracts your target audience. We’ll go over five steps you can take to promote your business locally online!

Why Your Website Has Low Conversions

Why do I have a low conversion rate despite a high amount of traffic? Honestly, there are several reasons why your website may have a low conversion rate, but the good news is many of them are pretty simple fixes. Let’s cover 7 of the most common reasons below

Why Direct Mail is Still So Effective

One reason Direct mail is still significant because it allows businesses to reach consumers who would otherwise be difficult to reach otherwise. That could add up to be quite a lot of profits left on the table. If you’re a customer-focused business looking to build a strong relationship with your customers, direct mail should undoubtedly be a part of your marketing strategy.

21 Free Ways to Promote Your Business (that Work)

If you ask a business owner what they could use more of right now, they’ll likely say more customers. In fact, 61% of marketers say their biggest challenge is generating traffic and leads. Today, there are countless ways to attract traffic to your website, and in this article, I’ll discuss a whopping 21 of them, virtually all of which are free if you have the time.

Want More Free Marketing Ideas?

Do you want to discover a load more free ways on how to market and promote your business with digital marketing? Take a look at the previous issue of our free digital marketing magazine, iSquare.

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