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LinkedIn SEO Tips: How to Promote Yourself on LinkedIn

If you want to be found more, get more people contacting you, calling you, signing up for your services and send you more money, this is what you need to do:

Add your keywords on 5 different places throughout your LinkedIn profile.

Keywords are the words/phrases that people are searching for on Google to find you, your services, your business, your products etc.


Add keywords in your HEADLINE.

This is the most relevant place on LinkedIn, at the top of your profile. For example, if you are a solicitor add “solicitor”, if you are an accountant add “accountant”, if you are a sales coach add “sales coach” etc.


Add keywords in CURRENT work experience and in description.


Add keywords in PAST experience


Add keywords in SUMMARY

Make sure you have a compelling looking summary.


Add keywords in SPECIALITIES (just make a list)

Add your keywords in the 5 above places/positions and it will help to rank you on the front page of LinkedIn when someone types in those keywords to find your service.

I hope you find this SEO tip useful.

SEO tips by SEO Consultant London

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