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SEO: Small business houses can have an edge over big organizations!!

In the field of search engine ranking, the most interesting thing about Internet is the fact that that it soberly levels the playing field for both the small entrepreneurs as well as the large corporation. In case of SEO, it offers all small business owners some extremely convenient benefits over the big corporations. You can find the best 7 digital marketing tools for small businesses here.

Therefore, if huge corporations are making use of popular, expensive SEO tricks  article marketing, blogging, onsite SEO, directory and paid listings, pay per click, shopping comparison site listings, advertising and more to get more visitors to their website, even small business houses have enough scope to beat them out! Let us now throw light on two such most important facts, where small business houses get an edge over big organizations.

Sluggish growth of large corporations: The larger they get, the slower they become. It may not be the direct reason but it is surely an important one. And the main reason behind their slow growth is their bureaucracy which ultimately makes the ability of decision making terribly slower. For every single decision, they have to go through number of positions which not only delays the matter but also provide enough scope for apprehensions.

On the other hand, small owners perform every task on their own. All they have to do is properly monitor what is going on around the Internet and react to market changes much smartly and quickly. They sharply make use of Google alerts on a number of topics, subscribe to industry newsletters, subscribe to seo, ppc, email marketing, and Internet Marketing newsletters, and more. These techniques largely help them keeping on top of what is fresh both in their industry and on the web.

Huge Corporations hire college graduates:  In order to have a huge SEO team, many big organizations get freshers, who are just out from college and block up their web marketing departments. Most often, these interns are inexperienced and posses no concrete knowledge about Internet Marketing and SEO. In fact, at times, they also hire students who learned web designing or marketing, who need special training courses to learn the game. But unfortunately, even hiring people experienced in offline or traditional marketing is not much of use because Internet Marketing is all together a different concept.

Here also, small corporations get an added advantage. These business owners study and practice everything on their own. They gain all qualitative knowledge about SEO and Internet Marketing online and beat all the intricacies of complex SEO tricks. In fact, it has been noticed that most of the Internet Marketing and SEO Gurus are self-taught. Besides these two main features, some of the other huge problems attached with big companies are ridiculously limited budgets, huge legal formalities, use of outdated SEO techniques and no market research.

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