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SEO Small Business Strategy… 5 Irrefutable Laws Annihilates Competitors

SEO Small Business Strategies, also known as Search engine optimization, is a topic that more and more small businesses are familiarizing themselves with these days. It makes sense, too, given that more and more people are becoming comfortable doing business over the Internet. Did you know that sixty percent more searches are people searching from their smart phones rather from their personal computers?

Quick lesson: When someone goes to a search engine to perform a search, the results they get are usually referred to as the search engine results pages, or SERPS. As a small business owner, it’s incredibly important that you spend some time devising a strategy that helps ensure that your business website will be presented in the best way possible on the SERPS. It all starts with having a sensible SEO small business strategy.

Unfortunately, doing business as usually won’t cut the mustard in today’s technological age. And with technology driving our economy, if you’re not on the band wagon you’ll get left behind. Fortunately, we have some vital information that will get you started on the right good foot or assist you in correcting what you already have in place.

Here are 5 tips that will help your company’s website to show up higher in the search results… IE. drive more visitors to your website:

1) Create A Descriptive Title Tag For All Your Web Pages

Make sure that all of the web pages that make up your business website have descriptive title tags. This is very important because you want the search engine to know what is on the page. If you use the same title for all your pages, it becomes less clear what can be found on each individual page.

2) Stay Away From Image Anchor Text

When you create a link on your website that points to another page on your website, make sure you’re using an HTML link tag that contains anchor text that’s actually text and not an image. Remember, the search engines can’t really “see” what the image says, so it’s preferable to use text so that the search engine can more easily understand and recognize the importance of the links you’re making within your website.

3) Include A Few Outbound Links To Related Websites

This is very counter-intuitive advice, but it’s incredibly important that your website contain a few outbound links to other websites that are related to yours.

4) Get As Many Inbound Links As Possible From Related Websites

One easy way to boost your results is to get as many inbound links as possible from other websites that are related to yours. This helps the search engines see that your website is relevant.

5) Hire An Expert To Help You

The fifth and final thing you should do is hire an outside SEO consultant to review your website and to help you create and implement a SEO small business strategy. It will be money well spent.

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There you are 5 small business SEO strategies you can do to get your business growing in the New Year. And if all that sounds nerdy, contact a professional SEO consultant company. Regardless to where you may live whether it’s in Greenville or New York, just check your local directories or Google search for your nearest or best SEO small business specialist.

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