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The Argument Against a Do It Your Self Search Engine Optimisation SEO

The Argument Against a Do It Your Self Search Engine Optimisation SEO

When it comes to your SEO (Search engine optimisation) you can either go through a process of trial and error in-house or find a search partner that can take on the responsibility for delivering results first shot.

Organic search marketing for most online businesses is a highly significant arm of their marketing toolset. An effective professional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign can provide the backbone of online revenue growth, particularly for an e-commerce site. Competition has been escalating between SEO specialist agencies because of the high industry demand; this means that there are many search engine optimisation (SEO) companies to choose from. So how do you choose the right search engine marketing company?

The right SEO Company will understand that it’s not all about rankings. Your business needs customers but not just volume; you need the right people to find your business, consumers and potential customers with a genuine interest in your products or services. A professional SEO company will work with you to establish your online audience and how to capture them. Capturing your audience is not the end of your solution, once organic search is bringing you the traffic, you need a website that will effectively convert that audience and deliver revenue. This will often require at least some mild web development or usability improvements to the site in conjunction with the SEO and will ensure your hard earned traffic doesn’t come and then leave your site without converting.


The DIY Approach

* Low contractual cost
* Full control on project
* Ability to stop and start at whim
* Build a knowledge base on search marketing
* Steep Learning curve
* Always a low priority
* Slower realisation of results due to lack of experience
* High potential for mistakes
* Lack of accountability
* Poor allocation of time

SEO Partner Approach

* Accountable for delivery of pre-defined results
* Experience that can be used to enhance performance
* Low learning curve hence faster turnaround
* Top priority and proper allocation of time
* More expensive than doing it in-house initially
* May not deliver the results promised
* Contractual commitment

To truly provide a return to their clients, an SEO agency will look at the actual revenue and growth objectives of the business. Whether that is sales, lead generation or online presence and visibility it’s these end results that matter. Performance SEO keeps this in mind. Performance SEO is an approach to search engine optimisation that is a committed to achieve realistic targets for an online business and define the commercials accordingly. SEO doesn’t need to be a risk.

Mediarun Search is a full service search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing company in London. We deliver all of the required corner stones for effective search marketing. Reliable performance SEO, paid search management (PPC), web development and Social Media Optimisation. By choosing us as your digital marketing partner you’ll be generating the right kind of sustainable organic traffic, an immediate ROI, a website that converts and premium brand building all without the risks that come with non performance based solutions.

Mediarun is a full service SEO Company specialising in performance based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) solutions, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and pay per click management (PPC). We have also pioneered Universal Search and achieved excellent results for our clients on Google Products, Maps and Images.

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