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How To Make Videos For Businesses Without Being in Front of the Camera

As business owners, however large or small our company is, understand that video marketing can be very powerful. But the idea of getting in front of the camera terrifies us! Let’s not beat about the bush, we are camera shy! But that is no excuse as there are many other ways to create and make videos to market and promote your business with video.

I’ll be honest with you. I hate being in front of the camera! I’m a commercial photographer and I still hate having my photo taken! But with video, I know how important it is as a marketing consultant to leverage the power of video marketing.

This is why I have created this video. This is even more important now in these uncertain times we are living with the Covid-19 and the Corona Virus pandemic. If you are working from home or if you have had to temporarily close your business, now is the time to work on your business, and get ready for when this is all over.

Video Marketing Tips : No Camera Required

In the video I talked about using the following to create videos to promote and market your businesses services and products:

  • Create PowerPoint Slides
  • Using Screen Capture
  • Create a Photo gallery slideshow

Tip #1. Create PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint is often used for business presentations, the same slides can be used to create a video.

You can edit your slides with relevant content in forms of text and photos. Using video editing software you can position the slides to appear in the right order at different time intervals and add some background music.

PowerPoint slides are a great way to produce tutorials and instructional lessons and highlight product features. The beauty of using PowerPoint is its ability to easily combine both text and images within the same frame.

Tip #2. Using Screen Capture

You can also create a video by capturing images of your computer screen.

This works well if your performing a demonstration of an online process such as how to use a website, how to fill in an online form, how to make an online payment, or how to use a specific piece of software.

There are both free and paid screen capture tools. Free ones are listed below. As you capture your screen you can talk into your mic for an audio effect.

You can edit the screen capture and include text with accompanying background music if you don’t want to talk within the video.

FREE Video Creation Software

Here are some links to free software that is mentioned in the video, plus a couple more:

Tip #3. Create a Photo gallery slideshow

Another way to create a video is to use your current photo gallery. Most business owners have pictures of their business premises, product lines, employees and customers.

Just pick the relevant and most appealing photos and load them into video editing software and use some background music to complete the video. Just make sure to use royalty free music.

There are some great software out there to create slideshows, Animato is one. It has a free and paid version. If you are using it for business, using the paid version is probably better as you will not get the “Animato” watermark at the end of your slideshow video.


Video Marketing Tips For Businesses

However large or small your business, you need to promote and market it. Check out our YouTube Channel and you will find a number of video marketing tips for business, from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Social Media Marketing, Video and YouTube Marketing to Reputation Management and Marketing.

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