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Lead Generation : 7 Ways on How To Generate Business

Discover How To Get More Leads For Your Business and Get More Customers, Clients or Patients
7 Easy Ways To Generate Leads For Your Business INFOGRAPHIC

Lead generation for many businesses, especially small businesses, is probably one of the biggest problems business owners have to deal with. There are many lead generating marketing strategies out there, but which ones actually work?

What is lead generation?

The dictionary definition of ‘lead generation‘ is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. It is a fundamental part of the sales process for all businesses. Without customers, clients or patients you do not have a business. It is that simple!

Lead Generating Marketing Infographic

Tips on ways on how to find leads for my business
7 Easy Ways To Generate Leads For Your Business INFOGRAPHIC

Lead Generation For Business

Below you will discover 7 easy ways to generate new business leads:

1. Twitter

When used properly, Twitter marketing has a wealth of opportunities. For example, research your industry and market and see if there are local influencers in your area. If not local, spread your net further, but the important thing is to get involved in conversations and interact with them. Many of their followers are potential customers, clients or patients, and they may well see your comments and click through to your business website.

2. Infographics

Many businesses, large and small, use infographics as part of their digital marketing strategy. They are easy to read, your potential customers can comment on them, as well as share them on their social media.

Having good quality, informative infographics will help market and position you within your industry as an expert, so why not get started today!

At the bottom of this post, you will find more infographics to help get more leads, increase sales and grow your business.

3. Video Marketing

In my honest opinion, EVERY business should be using video to market and promote their products or services. It’s a no brainer! Right now, you have a one of the most powerful marketing tools in your pocket, your mobile phone! It’s not only a phone, a mobile communication tool, but a video camera as well. So why are you not using it??? And ‘I don’t like being on camera’ is no excuse.

Video marketing is the by far the best way to showcase your services and products. The majority of your videos should not be salesy, they should be informative that help solve your customers, clients or patients problems.

Videos engage your customers. If the videos are on a different platforms, such as YouTube or social media, they have a much better click through rate to your website than text or images. If they are embedded on your website, they help the viewer to stay on your site for longer, resulting in reducing your bounce rate.

4. Ebooks

Anyone can write an eBook today. They are not just for internet marketers and best-selling authors. You can write about your industry and become seen as the expert, the go-to-guy in your field.

Your eBook does not have to be the size of ‘War and Peace‘, just written with a neutral perspective, and provide great hints, tips and insights that people can use to take action on. By providing great value, you will grow your authoritative status.

Once complete and published, share it on your social media and ask people to spread the word. Give some away and ask for genuine reviews. You never know, you might have just found a new calling.

So, what are you waiting for? Start writing and show of your expertise.

5. Newsletters

It is all in the list – your email list, and no better way to create a list for your business is by publishing a monthly newsletter. This should be one of your first priorities after reading this.

Newsletters are one of the most simple forms of lead generation for your business, and a great way to generate new business leads. They help you stay in touch with existing customers, as well as those potential customers who have signed up to your newsletter just to see what you offer, before becoming a paying customer, client or patient.

Just remember not to make the newsletter too salesy. Yes, talk about new products or services and special promotions, but offer hints and tips, share the latest news from your industry, customer testimonials and other insights your audience will appreciate.

Here are two infographics about newsletter and email marketing:

6. Business Networking Events

It is not just about online marketing, that is just part of the marketing puzzle. There are still huge opportunities with offline marketing, such as networking events where you will meet and speak with actual real people – face-to-face – something today’s generation finds hard to do! You will grow and expand your business network, gain valuable referrals and leads, and, at the same time, start building your brand.

Then, when you get back to your office, get on your PC, laptop or phone and search for those new contacts on LinkedIn and ask them to join your LinkedIn network.

Today, there are many business networking events, here are just a few:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • BNI
  • Institute of Directors (IOD – UK)
  • First Tuesday (UK)
  • Federation of Small Business (FSB – UK)
  • Supper Club (UK)
  • Ashoka

You only have to type in ‘networking events near me‘ and you will be given all the upcoming events in your vicinity. Click on them and book a ticket to the ones you like the look of.

7. Local Media

Plan and organise (or sponsor) a local charitable event that helps your local community. Then contact your local newspaper and radio stations and invite them along. It’s that easy.

There you have it! Lead generation for business – 7 quick and easy ways to generate more leads to your business.

Take action today, and see results soon!

More Infographics To Help Your Lead Generation & Get More Customers

Here are more infographics that Blue Square Management have produced. All with the aim of providing helpful ways to generate leads for your business and help your get more customers:

You can find all our digital marketing infographics here.

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