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Discover 7 Facebook Marketing Strategies on How to Promote Your Business Locally for FREE

How To Use Facebook For Business 2021
7 Facebook For Business Tips : How To Increase Local Sales 2021 1200x628

Now days customers expect the businesses they frequent to have a social media presence, and the follow the companies they like on a regular basis. That makes Facebook marketing a powerful tool for both local and online businesses to increase customer engagement – and increase sales, too.

Here are seven essential tips to help you use Facebook to increase sales:

How To Use Facebook For Business Infographic

7 Facebook For Business Tips : How To Increase Local Sales 2021 [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 Facebook Marketing Tips

To Get More Leads, Increase Sales & Grow Your Business

Tip #1: Broadcast your contact information

Customers are far more likely to patronize your business if you make it easy for them to find you.

Tip #2: Increase customer engagement

The best way to increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty is to curate content that your fan base finds value in and useful to them in some way.

Tip #3: Boost your most important posts

The average Facebook post reaches only about 16% of followers organically. If you want to guarantee that your most important posts will be seen by the majority of your followers, you need to take advantage of Facebook’s ‘boost post‘ option.

Tip #4: Enable Facebook Messaging

Make the process of getting in touch with you as simple and straightforward as possible. If a customer has a question, they should be able to message you directly from your Facebook page

Tip #5: Set Up a Facebook Store

Did you know you can sell directly ON Facebook? Now it’s easy to set up a Facebook store that allows you to sell directly to people on Facebook – and it costs as little as five dollars per month to do it.

Tip #6: Use mobile marketing tools

One of the best ways to reach and engage mobile customers is to place an ad and use the ‘Call Now‘ button as your call to action. This is an especially powerful tool to increase sales for businesses that provide services!

Tip #7: Create a Facebook offer

You now have the ability to create a special offer that you can send to your followers. You simply create an offer, and it gets displayed in your followers news feed with a ‘Get Offer‘ call to action button that encourages your followers to take advantage of the offer immediately

As you can see, there are many ways to use Facebook to boost your sales. The key, above all else, is to keep things simple and intuitive. When you streamline things, you greatly increase the chances that your Facebook followers will buy from you – both now and in the future.

More Facebook Marketing Tips

You can find more Facebook marketing strategies and tips for businesses here:

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