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10 MORE Ways to Drive Customers To Your Website Fast Part 2

Discover How To Improve Your Business Website and Get More Customers, Clients or Patients
10 Web Design Tips To Drive More Customers To Your Website 1200x803

If there is one thing that just about every website business owner needs more of, it’s traffic and leads. But not just any traffic. Naturally, you want targeted traffic who are interested in what you are selling or the services that you provide.

Answer: by employing as many proven traffic methods as possible. Here’s 10 website design tips for driving traffic to your site using PROVEN strategies such as:

Check out the website design tips infographic below to learn more…

Website Design Tips Infographic

Tips on creating a website for business
10 Web Design Tips To Drive More Customers To Your Website INFOGRAPHIC

1. Interact with your followers

Don’t just post and walk away. Instead, be sure to reply to comments and join the discussion. It will help you build a relationship with your followers, which in turn makes it more likely they’ll want to do business with you.


Search engine optimization is the way to get your content ranked well in Google and other search engines. Here are tips for getting better rankings

2. Use Keywords

Don’t guess what people are searching for in the search engines. Instead, use something like, or your favourite tool. Enter in your broad keywords (such as ‘organic gardening’), and the tool will list dozens, hundreds or thousands of related searches. You can then create content around those words with a relatively high number of search volume yet relatively low competition.

3. Website Redesign with SEO in mind

If you’re getting ready to build or redesign a website, then don’t do a thing until you’ve figured out your main keywords. Then you can include those keywords within the navigation menu, other internal links, page titles and more.

4. Insert keywords in key places

If you’re writing content for your blog, include your keywords in the page title, the title of the article and sprinkled within the content. Use synonyms as well. For example, if you’re writing about housetraining a puppy, you can use similar words such as housebreaking and potty training.

5. Consider your link names

Try to include keywords in your links (e.g.,’’). It’s also a good idea if your domain name includes a keyword, if possible.

TIP : If you’re using WordPress, log into your dashboard, go to ‘Settings‘ and choose ‘permalinks.’ Then choose a link structure that puts the post name in the link. Note that WP also lets you manually choose your link name when you’re creating the post.

6. Create a mobile friendly site

Google includes mobile-friendliness as part of their ranking signals. This means your site should:

  • Have a responsive theme
  • Space links out so they’re easy to tap

You can check your site for free at

7. Be sure your site loads fast

Google prefers sites that load fast, especially for their mobile users. But you know what? Your visitors want a fast-loading site too. So go through your site and, if needed, reduce the size of graphics, turn of auto-play on videos or audios, and be sure all scripts are running smoothly. You can check how quick your website loads on both mobile and desk top by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool :

8. Focus on quality links, not quantity

Some search engines look at links from other sites as ‘votes’ for your web page. However, poor quality links can actually hurt you, so you want to focus on getting links from high-quality, authority sites in your niche.

TIP : Posting high-quality content on your blog will bring these links to you naturally.

9. Write for humans first

Sure, you’re supposed to sprinkle your keywords into your content. However, the key is to write for your human visitors first. It does your site no good if you create content that attracts search engines but repels human visitors.

TIP : If you focus on your human visitors, you’re less likely to get caught in a Google smack. Those tend to be reserved for webmasters who try to ‘trick’ Google into delivering high rankings.

10. Keep yourself informed

The SEO landscape changes fast, which is why you need to commit yourself to keeping informed. Keep an eye on well-known SEO sites such as

Looking for an easier way?

The tips that we have shared with you in this article will have a dramatic effect on the number of highly targeted potential customers visiting your site resulting in many more sales.

Although the tips are very easy for you to put into practise right now and will deliver very fast results, there is actually a lot of work involved in running a successful online business. It requires a huge investment of time and effort, which is not always easy, especially if you are already running a busy offline local business as well.

The good news is that there is an even easier way to send traffic and new customers to your site so that you can enjoy lots of extra revenue, and that is to allow us to run your online marketing for you.

We are Internet marketing experts and help many local businesses just like yours. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.

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