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Cheap Creative Advertising Ideas For Small Business : 7 Ways How To Increase Sales on a Budget
Cheap Creative Advertising Ideas For Small Business : 7 Ways How To Increase Sales on a Budget

7 Ways How To Increase Sales on a Budget

Inexpensive Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate, and whilst advertising shouldn’t be about speculation it also shouldn’t be about having to spend vast amounts of money.

Even if you have a small budget there are things you can do to increase your sales.  All it needs is a little bit of creativity   Here are some cost-effective marketing techniques you can employ that will help with increasing your sales.


Best Advertising For Small Business

Use Customer Feedback to Create New Products or Services

This one is more or less free.  Engage with your existing customers – and find out what else you might be able to help them with.

If they have a problem – look for ways you can solve it and look to include that as a service or a product you can offer to all your other clients.

By talking to all your clients, imagine how many other ideas they might come up with.

Create a Promotion Schedule

Is yours the kind of business where you might hold a sale – or run a special offer scheme?  If so, as ordinary as this might sound running them to timetable gives your customers something to look forward to.  It will also encourage them to buy from you on a regular basis.

If your customers know a promotion is coming up you might also want to encourage them to share the details with their friends, colleagues and contacts.  This is a great way to create brand loyalty too.

You might need to advertise the first few promotions but once customers see that they are held on a particular frequency they will start to expect it and you should be able to cut back on the advertising – it will be self-promoting.

Cross-promote your products with a partner

Look at ways that you can cross promote your business with local organisations who are in the same sector but not directly competing with you.  Look at ways you can all start to promote each other – and maybe find ways in which you might be able to offer a discount if a customer uses both of you.

You might also want to look at ways you could run events locally and all sponsor it together.  Perhaps a networking meeting or a charity fundraiser.  Gathering a reputation for wanting to help other local businesses surely isn’t going to harm your business.

Ensure your content focuses on Customer Benefits

Often you spend a lot of time focusing on your products features but actually you should be looking to help your customers by telling them how your product or service can solve their problems.

Review all of your website content.  If your pages are not focused on how you can improve your customers lives then consider a re-write or adding additional pages which focus on the benefits for your customers.

Another place you have content is on all your social media platforms.  Make sure that your Social media marketing strategy focuses in on the benefits you can provide – and seek to produce engaging and shareable content that drills home the benefits rather than features.

Creative Ways To Advertise For Your Business

Bundle Products and Services

Everyone loves a bargain – and your customers – and potential customers are no different.

Consider all of your products and how you might be able to group them together and slightly discount the price.  You could also run this in conjunction with your promotion schedule mentioned above.

Increase Engagement on Social Media

You can’t simply expect social media to automatically bring followers and new customers to your business.  Sending out content every week will only go so far – you have to seek to engage with your followers.

You need to engage with them – ask questions – or opinions.  Find out what they might like to hear from you in future blog posts.  Actively engage and provide entertaining content that they want to respond to – and then get involved with them – but always maintaining a professional level.

If you customers like what they see – and get something out of following you then they are much more likely to share your content with their followers and so knowledge about you spreads.

Nurture your Leads

You should, if you have read any of our other articles, already have an email list.  If you do we hope you are using it well.

You should be emailing them regularly.  It shouldn’t cost you any more to send out more frequent communication.  Most email automation services charge per subscriber – not by the number of emails you send.

You want to be careful not to bombard them though – but by creating a well crafted engaging drip campaign you should encourage more sales and remember the mantra we explained above.  Focus on the benefits.

So… you don’t necessarily have to spend lots of money on your advertising

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