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How To Get More Local Customers Online Using YouTube Ads For Your Business
How To Get More Local Customers Online Using YouTube Ads For Your Business

Ideas To Attract Customers

Using YouTube Ads To Promote Your Business

As a small to medium sized business, you probably don’t have a large advertising budget – and advertising can be expensive. No doubt whatever money you do have needs to reach as far as possible and it needs to bring as big a return as possible.

There are many solutions available – but have you ever considered YouTube Ads?

Everyone has watched something on YouTube and some people now watch it instead of TV.  If you’ve watched a video on YouTube you will have seen the ads that are shown in the search results?

If you want to get more leads – YouTube Ads might be just the place to find them.

Using YouTube Advertising To Grow Your Business


YouTube Ad Statistics

The statistics surrounding YouTube usage and views are nothing short of staggering.  Especially if you compare them to the cost of TV advertising.

  • YouTube has more than one billion users.
  • Nearly half of all users watch more than an hours worth of videos on YouTube per week
  • Creators make more video content in a month than American TV companies have made in 30 years.
  • Just under half of all users take some form of after watching a video ad.

YouTube Advertising Options : Types of YouTube Ads

Know your ad types. There are three different ad options to choose from on YouTube.  They are:

  1. You will most likely have seen YouTube TrueView In-Stream Ads if you have used YouTube. Often appearing with a “skip-ad” function they appear at the start of a YouTube video.  If you skip the ad – the advertiser – you – doesn’t have to pay for the advert – which is useful if you don’t have a very big marketing budget.
  2. When you search YouTube, sometimes adverts appear in the search results. These are called YouTube Discovery Ads.  The best way to attract users to watch your advert is to create an appealing thumbnail.  You will only pay for the advert if the user clicks on the ad.  It doesn’t cost anything to have your advert actually appear in the search results
  3. The final option is YouTube Bumper Ads – which are ads that cannot be skipped. Most frequently they are promoted to mobile users.  If you have a short, concise message that you can convey in a few seconds these might be just the thing.

Video Ads Best Practices For YouTube Advertising

Keep your Ads Short! By their very nature Bumper Ads are short.  Usually they’re less than 10 seconds – so they can be limiting – but valuable when used well.

In-Stream Ads can vary in length and the length of the ad is shown as soon as the ad appears on the screen.  You need people to quickly engage with your content – so you need to make sure they will either watch the whole ad – or maybe click to find out more.  Remember they might not originally have come looking for your content – and they might want to get on with watching the original video they searched for – so make your video not too long and not too short.

Discovery ads can be longer – but the same rules apply regarding engaging content and attractive, informative, entertaining advertising videos.  Make the viewers want to find out more or click on your call to action.

How To Grab the Users Attention from the Start

You need to make the viewer sit up and pay attention to your ad.  You’re not making a movie – it’s an ad and you want to make them watch it – and respond to it.

How can you do this?  One way is to make a provocative statement – one that might go right to the heart of the problem you can solve.

Another is that whilst you’re not making a movie, you can still tell a story – one that draws the viewer in and evokes emotion in them.  This might however be more complex than it seems and involve script writing and certain direction and production values.  Hiring in the professionals might be the best option in this case.

Put up your Call to Action straight away.

You don’t want to risk leaving your call to action to the end – the viewer might not get that far!  The aim of YouTube advertising is to get people to respond to your call to action – to click or to call.  The right placement of your call to action is critical to maximising your conversions.

Optimise your Landing Page for YouTube video viewers

If you entice people to click on your call to Action, where do you want them to end up?  On your website presumably?  You need to ensure the landing page is relevant to what they have seen in the video.

It also needs to be optimised for conversion – by having call-now buttons, the correct product information with buy-now buttons or a contact form to request more information.  You must not leave them having to search for what they should do next.

Attracting Leads on YouTube doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you follow these few guidelines and you choose the right places to run your ads you should start generating responsive leads very quickly.

The next step is then to look after those leads and turn them into customers who return again and again.

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