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How To Make Good YouTube For Business
YouTube For Business

YouTube For Business

In this article you will learn how to make effective YouTube videos for your businesses, which in turn uses YouTube for business marketing.

Why do you need to create videos for your business?

Because it’s a great way to use YouTube to establish yourself as the expert and authority to your targeted audience, your customers/clients and potential customers and clients.

If you create your videos properly, you can get:

  • More leads
  • More subscribers
  • And turn your viewers into loyal action takers

How To Create Your Business Videos For YouTube

STEP 1: Determine The Topic of Your Video

There are 2 types of video:

  1. About the business and services/products supplied by the business
  2. Testimonial videos
  3. “How To” videos

Videos are usually watched, especially “How To” videos, because people have a “problem” and want more information on how to fix it or do it. Which means, people are actively searching in Google or YouTube for terms like:

  • “how to paint a room”
  • “how to lay a laminate floor”
  • “how to do accounts for a small business”
  • “printers in orpington” (services in an area)
  • “solicitor in bromley”

Don’t you search on Google for “how to” tutorials anytime you have a question or want to learn how to do something?

FREE Tool: “Google Keyword Planner Tool

Use Google Keyword Planner Tool to search for terms and phrases that people are searching for.

Start with your business niche, e.g. “painter and decorator, accountant, financial advisor, loft conversions, etc and see what questions and “how to’s” come up.

Then, make a video about them!

STEP 2: Determine The End Result of Your Video

You need to determine what the end result is going to bring from your video.

What do you want to gain from the video?

The video NEEDS a purpose:

  • Getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel
  • Sending traffic to your website
  • Selling a product
  • Getting more Facebook Likes.

You then script your video so that it leads your viewer to your end result that you want.

STEP 3: Script Your Video

If you don’t script every word, you should at least have a detailed outline of what you are going to cover in the video.

This way you will:

  • Stay on topic
  • You will NOT ramble
  • You will NOT loose the focus of your video viewer

You want everyone to see the Call-To-Action at the end of the video. If they don’t stay to the end of your video, it’s just a wasted view.


  1. Start the video with a short intro telling the viewer exactly what they are going to learn about in the video. Example: “Hi, my name is Fred from Fred Plumbers in Orpington, and in this video I am going to talk about how to stop your pipes from freezing up in the winter.”
  2. Logo ident/graphic
  3. Then give actionable, step-by-step instructions on how to do whatever your video is about. DO NOT ramble, go off topic and NO fluff! Stay on topic, add value and lead the viewer to your Call-To-Action.
  4. Call-To-Action

STEP 4: Good Quality Filming & Editing

What Equipment Do You Need?

  • HD SLR Camera or Smart Phone/Tablet that shoots HD video
  • Tripod
  • Tripod mount for Smart Phone/Tablet
  • Lavalier microphone

Try and make sure that your backgrounds are:

  • Clutter free, e.g. no plants or lamps sticking out of your head
  • Well lit
  • Try not to shoot with your back to a window, as you will end up in silhouette.

STEP 5: Call-To-Action

This is where Step 2 comes in – Determining the end result.

The Call-To-Action is what you want the viewer to do after they have watched your video.

Now they have watched your video, which has given them valuable, quality content, it’s now time to tell them how they can get more of that amazing value you have just given them.

You can tell them to:

  • Hit the subscribe button to get more videos like the one they have just watched
  • Call the number to book a free consultation
  • Tell them to click the link below in the description to go to your website and learn more
  • Tell them to share the video by clicking the “share” button below
  • Join your email list where they will get more training/information etc.

STEP 6: Upload Your Video To Your YouTube Channel


Not quite!

Before you upload your video your need to optimize the video file with the keywords from Step 1.

Then upload your video.

Then optimize (video SEO) the YouTube:

  • Title (include keywords)
  • Description
  • Tags (keywords)
  • Add Geo-Location information

Then syndicate your video:

  • Embed into your website blog
  • Send to your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)
  • Plus some wizardry know-how!

Now your video is getting ranked in Google and your potential customers are finding you!

More YouTube Tips For Business

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